Billy Doe: 2 and a Half Men)

Hello, sweet fans!!! I just want to write few thoughts, which I got not so long ago! I do like to watch different Tv-shows, but since my young years I have always liked a tv-show called Two and a half men! I bet you know this TV-show with a good and interesting person as Charlie Shin! Well, to say the truth I have ways wanted to look like him)) But what can I tell you? He is awesome, handsome, even though he is already old enough to be my father I think he is incredibly hot! But let's face the problem Alan Harper, which is a brother of Charlie's character is just a simple looser out of his life! I don't understand how he even have sex with anyone! He always cries and in such a great age as 45 he says he already need to drink Viagra!!! So that's what I have decided and can tell to everyone of you my sweet fans! You don't need any Viagra, you just need some sexy and sweet person near you, who can make you hard only with telling his thoughts)) Have you ever heard an orgasm from just words? By the way I am pretty sure, that most of you think, that Ashton Kutcher is very sexy and have great body, but don't you think, that it's too much? Don't you think that he could't get on a place of Charlie Harper? What is still the same in this TV-show is Alan, who will live forever)) Berta and for sure a good sense of humor!!!That's all for now sweeties!!!xoxoyour secret admirer!

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Levi Lust: How I Felt Today

Today I decided that I get to be who I want to be when I want to be. Then I asked myself who do I want to be? Then I realized I wanted to be the person bent over the bathroom sink with a dildo up my ass. So I did.

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Bobby Rocker: A Master's Story, Part 1

I tied him up there for three days. His wrists were bound with the leather belt I'd been wearing specific for the occasion.From the second his eyes met mine, I knew that I owned him. He has never dared to call me anything other than sir.In the rain, he received the text message - there would be a car to pick him up within five minutes. For Sir, none else mattered and he turned the oven off and put his socks and shoes on and soon felt himself slide onto the black leather seats of the car. He and the driver shared no words, and upon his exit - the driver sped off. It was done so dramatically one would think it was either planned or out of fear, but he was Sir's.The door was left unlocked and ajar, and his footsteps hit the tile floor like pebbles. A booming voice from the side of the room."Strip."He obliged, slowly removing each article of clothing as Sir clasped his hands and grinned. The room was dark, lit only by the light that peered in from the still cracked door. He went to shut it and was met with a quick jolt to the jaw."You don't make moves that I don't order, remember that? Now walk outside down to the street and back."The pink flesh on his cheeks still throbbing, he took his bare feet and started to move down step by step. The concrete was cold and wet on the pads of his feet and he could feel the dirt slushing between his toes, the cold wind hitting his nude body.Finally he reached the busy street and stood there as cars honked and laughed at him, naked in the rain. His wet skin only illuminated by the headlights of strangers. He did not move as four minutes passed. The thoughts of being arrested popped into his head only as he heard it..."You may come up now!"He turned around and walked up the stairs, his bare ass facing the road - a final humiliation before entering once again...

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Nivek Z: Cumming on My Feet :o

i guys, As everyone knows I'm new to this site, I truly had a great few days I've been in, and the people I've met has been great, it's great to know that so many people with so many interesting things to share, I work from a studio, I had the pleasure to meet great models, and experienced a lot of time on the site, yesterday I was chatting with someone and told me something that I really would love to do, a few days ago had a private show with a person he liked to run in the feet and then lick their milk ... mmm do you like me?.. Hola chicos, Como todos saben soy nuevo en este sitio, la verdad la he pasado genial los pocos días que he estado en el, y la gente que he conocido ha sido genial, es fantástico saber que hay tantas personas con tantas cosas interesantes por compartir, yo trabajo desde un studio, he tenido el placer de conocer grandes modelos, con mucha experiencia y con mucho tiempo en el sito, ayer estaba charlando con alguien y me comento de algo que la verdad me gustaría mucho hacer, el hace pocos días tuvo un show privado con una persona que le gustaba que él se corriera en los pies y después se lamiera su leche... mmmm te gustaría hacerlo conmigo??

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Jason Wayne: Getting Back into It!

Hey guys!I came here on a whim not too long ago and have had a great time!Unfortunately I had to take a hiatus for over a month but I am happy to say we are back in action.Within a day or so I'll be posting a schedule as well as FINALLY getting a Twitter (I know, I'm stuck in the dark ages haha).As always, feel free to keep in touch through the Flirt email and say "whats up" or look to schedule something special.So what have I been up to? Well for one I have been hitting the gym almost everyday, of course! Although my parting was not strictly for recreational reasons, I have to stay sane somehow guys and girls. We set a goal to gain a few lbs (I have always hovered at around 175-180 lbs) and I'm coming back to my show at JUST under 190 lbs. ALMOST THERE!I have a few goals over the next few months, maybe getting into some power lifting competitions finally. I would certainly like to do one or two and then start training for men's physique. Nothing too serious, just a new way to work out and a new goal to aspire towards is all.Help me track my progress and feel free to tell me what you have been up to next time I see you online!Peace out brothas!

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Eddy Lover: Good Day Sunday

Man tonight was a good night...I really enjoyed myself! I had lots of fun in all my PVT shows and in the open room! Its great knowing that I have such a wonderful group of friends that love to come enjoy their Eddy Lover! Im looking to get my fan club up and going and so for the first person that signs up for my fan club will get a free 10 minute show with me! I will be taking it all the way raw in that show!! I hope that some of you reading this jump on it because I would love to rock your world with my rock hard 8 inches of goodness!! Well duty calls and I must call it a night! Got to get up early in the morning and go to work! I will be on the same time every night...and this time im not going anywhere!! Im here in the web world to stay! Ive been around for 4 years doing this and I'd have to say all of you make it the best job ever!! Fixing to dig into this cookies dough ice cream and fall fast asleep! Sweet dreams baby...until next time have a good night and wonderful day tomorrowXOXOXOXO Eddy Lover

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Eddy Lover: Eddy Lovers Story

Hello all my followers, thank you for reading my blog! I am 8 long thick inches of light chocolate goodness! I am a bi-curious male who loves to eat pussy, get my ass fucked, and fuck ass!! I am as about as versatile as it gets! I love 3-somes so that I can get pleased and please in every area possible! I'm from down south and about as southern as it gets! In my room you will see me being me! I don't fake it, I keep it real for everyone! I'm energetic and love a good time! You tell me what you want and I will make it happen with a smile on my face! When I'm not on here I enjoy going to the gym on a regular and hanging out with my family and friends! I'm always the light at the party keeping things fun and exciting! I love to make people laugh and see them have a good time! If you are looking for a down to earth kind of man...well you found him! I keep my dick shaved but my ass hairy...I will rock your world no matter who you are or what your preference is! There is nothing that Eddy cant take care of for you baby! You will see me at my best when Im in private so don't hesitate to take me to a room so that we can enjoy some one on one! I promise you will leave very satisfied! If you are feeling uneasy before taking me to me get to know me and let me learn you and I will make it the best experience you have had on flirt for free! I want to take every ounce of cum out of you and make you wanting more! Have a good day and hope to see you in my room soon baby! Love Eddy Lover

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Kelvin Voss: New Year

Taking my hand tool sickly, he began his podrachivat, at the same time, he squeezed my ass, exciting me even more. I unbuttoned his pants, picking up a huge fat cock. He was so beautiful, so exciting. I am no longer able to look at him, knelt down and took this giant mouth. Sasha groaned buzz, grabbed me by the hair and shoved his cock deep in my mouth. I enjoyed licking his head, drove his tongue over the bridle, bringing Sasha indescribable thrill! I went into the hands of his booty, simultaneously fondling testicles.At Sasha was very sexy body. I started licking his nipples, but then he abruptly turned me around. I leaned his hands on the cold surface of the garage. Sasha spat several times on her hand and rubbed my hole. I felt the hot cock slowly enters me ... I almost did not feel pain. Sasha did everything very gently.As he fucked me! His huge cock with the power to enter into me, he bit my neck and shoulders. I squeezed harder his hole. Sasha moaned with pleasure, and he was about to cum. I became nadrachivat his penis, and we finished at the same time.

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Leo Steel & Deon Cooper: Feb 25th First Day!

I just broadcasted for the first time and had so much fun:) I was able to really meet some new people and show my sexual freak side! We are so excited to get to know every one of you, and build a great connection. What differs us from others? We show our TRUE personality on camera ;) . The interaction you will see from us on cam is the same interaction you would see in person. I personally think this is hard to find out in the cam world, and we hope to see you benefit from it!! We will be sure to post a schedule after we move in (everyone knows how stressful that can be). We are also taking a trip to Mexico together for Spring Break (yay) and we will try and broadcast then for you guys! Hope you all are prepared for some crazy shows, we hope to blow your mind and give you the best show you have ever seen! Make sure you check out our bio and get a taste of what we have to offer. If you ever want to chat with us on the phone we have FlirtPhone ready for you! Get to know us more after hours.. :)) SEE YOU SOON

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Silver Steele: Early Morning

So I wake up early morning with a throbbing hard on. Waiting to come online and play. Looking for that sexy man that is going to come and rock my world. Early morning looking for that sexy mans morning wood mmmmmm. Sex in the morning is the best. Wake up with it throbbing every morning. Waiting for the day I wake up with a nice hard morning wood beside me. mmmm Makes me get hard just thinking about it. Have him wake up and wake me up with him teasing me with his morning wood. Making me want it. Want him to slide it in me so slow until I take all of him. As he works his way up into me I want him to reach around me and grab me and start to work me into excitement. mmmm morning cum. Come play with me Guys!!.. Im waiting for you to come play with me. Come and fill me fantasies and me if you think you can. Love to chat and hang out I come on to have fun nothing more so come and have some fun and listen to some good music and watch me play and dance for you. Hope to see all you sexy guys soon.

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