Oliver Newton: Pretty Blue Eyes.

I get A lot of compliments for you guys on my Eyes, and every time I can't help but to flash them. I know it may make me sound like way to into myself, but I'm not, I just genuinely get lost in my own eyes too! I didn't think I was going to have this much fun when I started but after talking with some of you sexy studs I couldn't help but to keep trying to improve my shows. Every day I think of different things to spice up my show, and every day I'm learning new things as well. Even though I'm new I'm gonna try my best to make you guys happy. I just want to provide a safe comfortable zone for you guys to come chat, nothing is off limits, well unless it's against the rules then no. I would also like to touch on the fact you may not hear me talk much as I feel my guests in my room do not speak with me through a mic, it's out of their control because I'm sure they would if they could. ;), but I find it more meaningful to type convostuff with you guys instead of sitting on cam like "ooo yeah,mmm" moan sound. I like to engage and talk with you guys dirty or not. You want to talk about the movie you saw last week, tell me about it while I give you a show for your pleasure, I enjoy that. You want to get down right dirty kinky with me, that's awesome too! Just know I'm an open book ask me anything you want, or advise whatever I'm here for you.

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Andre Traversi: 20 Year Old Buddy Tops for the First Time with Me

Greetings friends! Had an unexpected experience yesterday. A 20 year old guy that I have hooked up and topped a few times came over yesterday afternoon. When we first met he told me I was only the 4th guy he had been with. Was such a turn on I fucked him for hours! LOL. So yesterday he is rimming my ass, and he was enjoying himself so much, instead of tossing him on his back and sliding my cock in him, I asked if he would like to fuck me instead. His eyes lit up like Christmas lights and he said he didn't think that was an option since I always topped him. I told him that if he wanted to he could. He took to my hole like a fish to water, giving it to me good for about an hour. Once in a while he would ask me to show him some of my favorite positions, which I happily (and hungrily) did. I shot my load on his belly as I was riding his cock, and he immediately shot his inside of me. We lay together all sticky and cummy after, and he turned to me and asked me how he did. I told him he was great and that I loved feeling him inside of me. He then kissed me and told me that that was his FIRST TIME ever topping someone! OMG! Learning this was so hot I immediately got hard, flipped him over and stuffed my cock in his hole until we both came again!!I feel privileged that I will go down in his history book as the first guy he fucked. Can't wait to get together with him again.Maybe I can get him to sign up so we can do it in show for you guys! I can only hope! XOXOXAndre

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Batterie Bob: So Far What I Think About Caming !!

well i just wanted to say thanks for takeing the time to read my profile sometimes its a better way to get to know me as for i am a very open guy.but i started caming about 4 weeks ago with my wife and it came up one night that maybe i should run my own cam as for we had alot of people that liked some crazy stuff and with me being open as much as i am i dont mind doing alot of things people request. i have always played with my ass and shove things into it that dont belong but god it feels so good to rip it wide as i can open lol.. i am new to showing people my crazy side as for i fell it could scare them lol i need some toys for myself befor i can put on the kind of shows i realy like doing i wish i had a pump up toy something i can blow up really big in my ass ... im not greedy but i do come here for my money and well my rent ant cheap and i take care of a prego lday lol so food any cheap eather so tip up guys and ladys as for i need your help and you need mine

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Alex Cain: Convo with Baby Mamas Husband Today

so today my daughters moms husband was helping me clean out some stuff out of the basement at my wifes work. We got on the conversation of how I started this and everything, so I told him. well my wife started it last year and was making some good money doing it, so I decided I would sign up so we could do it together. well we started doing it by ourselves, and we do it together now. he started asking about it and was all excited when I told him what me and my wife do on here. he was like so its like you get free money. I told him no I wish, I would make a lot more than I do lol.he thought it was cool that you basically get paid for doing something you do any way. weather it was sittin at home by yourself and doing a show or you are with yyour wife and just trying to spice things up a bit. Doin this helps open up a lot more doors and being more open to each other in the bedroom. any ways I think I just got another couple to join up for all your pleasures lol.

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Koel Hunt: Sex

Listen up, gentlemen. It's time to start pleasing your ladies. A recent study from Indiana University found that 85 of men said that their partner had an orgasm when they had sex while only 64 porcent of women said that they themselves had one. Oof. Bottom line while you think you might be pleasing her, more often than not, you're missing the mark. Women know that most guys want them to reach O-land, and they don't want to disappoint, says Dorian Solot, a sex educator and co-author of I Love Female Orgasm: An Extraordinary Orgasm Guide. So all too often, women fake orgasms, or just let their partner assume they had one. If you want to guarantee the real deal, stick to these nine positions that will work every time See more women tipssex positions thatllget her off everytimesthash.RPOrzehA.dpufSexual pleasure has many dimensions, but the most important sexual organ we have is our brain. When one sense is hindered, our other senses via the brain clamor to compensate. For example, a deaf person has increased sensory awareness sight, smell, touch,

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Blake Hazard: Confessions of a Pervert – Riled Up at the Gym

What doesn't turn me on in the gym... Let's be honest, muscle, sweat, men, skin, VPL (visible penis line), and repeat! From the minute I pull up outside, until I am walking back to my car with Mr. Stiffy leading the way I feel more connected to my manhood in the sweat factory than possibly anywhere else. Normal routine for me upon entering the gym is check in and make a beeline for the locker room where the bathroom is located. I try to make sure I have a full bladder upon entering the gym to ensure that I have an excuse to linger in the area and check out the comings and goings of guys as they enter in different stages of their workouts. I can't help but to be obvious in my stares... I love dick, ass, armpits, abs, shoulders... You get the idea. Nothing is more exciting to me than when I just so happen to be at the right place at the right time and catch one of our more confident "gym rats" proudly struting his stuff around the locker room for all to see. I like to think that they know exactly what they're doing to me, but to be fair I will never know for sure. After storing my bag in a locker it's to the floor for some more voyeuristic enjoyment. Big dudes, slim guys, furry, smooth, tattooed, younger, older who cares! The only thing I notice is the effort, work and pure masculinity of these gods! The smell that fills the air of sweat and testosterone fueling my own workout helping me to push past my own physical limits is intense. With each set I complete I am closer and closer to letting lose and tackling one of these studs to the floor for my pure flesh filled enjoyment. But I refrain, least I be kicked out of my jungle gym, playground. Once my workout is over it's time for a shower and to say I am a bit of an exhibitionist is the understatement of the year. Out of my short, off with my jock strap and towel around my neck I parade my now chubbed (if not fully erect) cock into the shower area. Lucky for me there are no curtains allowing for privacy once under the water and the shower stalls run parallel to one another down both sides of the walls. This has allowed for, on two occasions for myself and another "curious" bro to offer one another a nice jerk show. But almost every time I shower I will at least get myself off under the stream of the hot water. The few times I don't release a load in the shower I end up on a joy ride towards my house (see my story titled "Drive by Jerking" for that). Until next time boys - stay dirty and stay hard! ***BLAKE***

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Brando Biggs: Me

So Fellas im Brando Biggs from LA im a very submissive bottom with a beautiful dick. im good looking especially with a dick in my mouth. I enjoy pleasing men so anything you want brando to do..just ask and ill get down and dirty

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Ramon Kelly: So Today I Decided

SO i decided to today to stop dancing in clubs for alil while. i have more fun anyway when i get to do a one on one in the guys bedroom. something about getting hot and sweat for a guy that turns me on. Idk lately ive been craving dick and sucking the head nice and slow. then deep down my throat humming my vocal cords making the guys dick feel pure pleasure. just thinking about it makes me want to jerk off now. anyway yea so housecalls should be fun. Maybe do like parties where we start as a nice hot striptease. Then a full on sex party. Ive only been to a few gangbangs so im sure ill do fine lol. well ill go look for a dick in the mean time.

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Jackson Peptors: My Birthday is Coming…

Hey Guys! How is it going? It's Monday, July 20th...and in just seven days (next Monday, July 27th) it will be my BIRTHDAY! (BOOM!) What should I do, any ideas? Having a birthday on a Monday? ...now that sucks! I guess I will have to celebrate this upcoming weekend, because Monday's BLOW! (& not blow in the good way)I'm want to go to an amusement park for the weekend but will likely not have enough money to be able to do that. Instead, maybe we could have some fun shows and party chats here? Come see me this week and give me your ideas...I would love to hear what you have in mind. ALSO, PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER!!!My Twitter followers are able to see when I am going to schedule shows as well as get picture updates throughout the weeks.Hope to see you in my chat room soon, take care! :) P.S. I enjoy chatting with everyone! Of course, the credit tips are very helpful and make things FUN and INTERESTING but even if you don't have credits to tip, stop in and say hello. Just having a crowded chat room puts a big smile on my face!

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Wade Rodgers: Last Meal

If I could choose my last meal it would be the greatest hamburger cooked by the greatest chef in the world made on artisan bread with, fresh tomato, lettuce, Heinz Ketchup, and on the side I Would like fresh cut french fries, cut with Idaho potatoes.As dessert I would like a brownie sundae, made with Ben and Jerry\\\'s soft serve ice cream, made with chocolate, chocolate chip brownie, and milk chocolate hot fudge, and a ton of whip cream.For a drink I would like Blue Moon beer, with a side or orange, and some salt. And for a non-alcoholic drink I would have to choose a root beer float with Barq\\\'s root beer and again some Ben and Jerry ice cream. And for a non-diabetic drink I would take some voss water, because it tastes good and comes in a really expensive fancy bottle.And for a tasty drink I really like good chocolate milk, not that nesquick stuff, or the syrup but really well made chocolate milk or a yoohoo which by the way is made with water not milk because originally was made for younger people who were lactose intolerant and apparently other people started liking it so it ended up just being sold as a regular drink. So it\\\'s actually chocolate water not chocolate milk.

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