Cameron Foster: Free Members Show

Its the middle of the week "Wednesday Hump Day" so what better thing to do today than a free show for my Fan Club Members! I had requests during my prior cum show to stay on longer and chat. I could not because I had a birthday party to attend. Today though I made extra time to stay on and chat for a full hour! It was great, I had some nice conversations about all sorts of different stuff ranging from the wild rain here to the porn scenes I have done. It was a nice change up and I will do it again. Im not saying I dont enjoy the sexy shows because after the chatting I did do a hot cum show ;) Started off with lathering my body up in oil (which is a huge turn on for me) then into stroking my cock while teasing my ass. I have this sex toy dildo that was sent to me as a gift so I played with that too! I ended up busting a huge load after an hours worth of foreplay before cumming all over. I sure needed that one after a busy day at the gym. I have bumped up my workouts to 3 times a day since there is a fitness show in 2 months I would like to do good in. I will be doing another free Fan Club show this Friday. Im not sure exactly what time but I will keep you updated here and on my twitter. Have a great night, XO Cameron

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Dusty Rhodes: New Chapter

I just started here and am already enjoying it a lot! everyone I have chatted with or done shows for has been wonderful and very kind. Currently the only problem I seem to be having is with the connection but I hope to be able to resolve that very soon and be here as much as life allows. :)

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Curtis J: Stepping into the World of a Web Cam Model

Wow, this has been quite an experience. One that's been very eye opening but exciting at the same time. I've alway wanted to be in the adult entertainment industry. There was a time when I really wanted to explore the Porn industry but at the time I was in the military and it was tough. I won't lie also lacked some confidence. I have a few friends in the industry and I guess I should of talked with them, but I never did. A couple years ago the web cam industry really caught my attention and I was pretty much hooked. I started out on just going on to have fun with other hotties. I've come across people from all over the world, it's pretty awesome when you think about it. Now, I'm doing this professionally to help me out with my financial situation. Since separating with military and moving back home to help out my family I've been pretty strapped. I was planning on being a full-time student but wasn't able to pay my bills. So I cut down on school trying to find part time work and decided to start web-caming as well. Since, I've started I've done better than I imagined. My fans and customers have been warm and inviting. I have had some try to tear me down, but we won't talk about that lol. Being black in this industry is tough, but I've received by a lot of love from my fans and customers! My goal is to find myself in the top 20 models. Not just based on looks, but by staying true to who I am. I can't do it on my own, I'll need everyone's support! Look forward to seeing my loyal fans and making new ones! Muah! XOXOX Much Love!~CJ

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Aitor Cabano: My Fantasy with a Doctor

Today I bring you my first story published on this page, including clarifying that all data set forth herein are true and that has been one of my best experiences, which is why I've delayed a little more than four months to write it correctly. It all started with a visit to my particular Medico which has a private practice, because of some muscle pains I had, have always seemed to me the issue of medical morbidity, and even more if my attending the Professional male gender is Ajaja has and this was not a doctor ... not a bad view. Instead it was a male image vigorous feet tall and an admirable figure, all this together with a fresh and soft tan skin, you'll find it even more haciendoque Morbid and chimba. His light brown hair, neatly cut a beard shaped padlock pulcrísima appearance, his golden, thin framed glasses were spotless apron over his shirt and tie of exquisite taste. His eyes were my eyes behind his glasses and his talk was entertaining and never exceeded the quiet and soft tone. After the usual questions of courtesy invited me to sit at his desk to ask the cause of my visit. I explained that he had decided to do some exercises, which made swimming and that because of wanting to change up my daily diet, she had gone to see him for a checkup general.-I see you've decided to take care of a little more-I said smiling. He is that, precisely, but I've also noticed that due to be working again this year, I feel tired and weak. I have muscle pain in the shoulder and leg and tell him that my partner no longer have sexual frequency we used to have. The doctor looked at me over his glasses with a deep seriousness and dijo. me-not you worry. We will do a series of analyzes of all kinds and now I will make a thorough review. Is that OK? I continued to stand going to close the office, well I assumed it was normal since it was past 5 pm, continue; This man was a charming person and by the way, was a very good looking guy and attractive. Being in his hands gave me a huge security while deliciosa. excitation-Sit on the couch, please. He walked over and opened my mouth. He inspected my throat and made me stick out his tongue. After doing that, his hands began to feel my neck, examining lymph. A shiver ran down my back. His hands are incredibly warm, they were so soft that it was a caress. Then I was very comfortable and I began to feel very relaxed. He was very close to me. He had a rich lotion, very soft and masculine. Always obey his instructions in these softer tone, but firm, he kept checking ears, neck, eyes and Unbuckle nose.-shirt, please. I got a little nervous. The completely unbuttoned and pulled back to the sides. He put on stethoscope on my chest, in the center and began a slow and thorough hearing screening. He passed a revised touch. I was fascinated to feel his hands on my chest, my back, my armpits. Al revisármelas asked me to take off my shirt. I obeyed that submissive slave. Then he told me to breathe deeply and put his face on my back. I was amazed not to use a cloth over it. It was strange, because the doctor was the very picture of neatness. I felt his beard around on my back and could not help but sigh every movement.-Relax, breathe slowly. I tried to honor your request, but I was difícil.-Lie. I was face up on the camilla.-Please, loosen your belt and get off a bit pants. He began to feel my abdomen. I felt his hands down more and more. Had a rather large hands and hair covered. A white and perfectly trimmed nails. But most were so soft ... My pants were open and let see fabric inside. He kept feeling my abdomen in a professional manner erotically, sliding his fingers through the hair that tangled into abajo.-Aha. Very well. Now, please, get off your underwear a little, if you please. I took the upper stretch and got a little descordinadamente.-just a little, that's fine, thanks. I went slow and my pubic hairs emerged from inside the underwear. He began playing the whole area. His expert fingers touched my crotch, mingling with my hair. It looked and felt for a long time. I found that there was a bit more than usual. And, of course, I started to get a little uneasy. I looked a little askance, realizing that the doctor was very concentrated. His mouth was slightly open, as if looking at something that left him stunned. Soon I realized that his eyes never left the lump was in my underwear. That was wonderful. Then I felt my penis was beginning to beat. The doctor was feeling my lymph inguinales.- Does it bother you something? ... Here? Neither, doctor hurt here? Dr. No, nothing ... And. He was changing places and I kept asking. I was terribly excited and by that time, my bag had risen considerably. Also felt that my cock was dripping large amounts of clear fluid, staining the white cloth. The doctor saw this and I, red with shame I thought I would miss by degenerate. But nothing happened and he went to the checkup. Until occurred as temido.-Excuse me, but we will continue with the review. Staring what would eventually discover the view, and without asking me to do, took his underwear, along with the edge of his pants and was slowly down to my knees. I closed my eyes and prayed to the saints. My cock shot out in all the way my belly button until I felt the noise made by the blow to my abdomen. Fully erect and wet, my cock, leaving so violently outside, fired a few heavy drops of pre-cum on my chest. I looked at the doctor. Now his gaze was fixed on my penis, and his expression was almost awe. His mouth was open and could even be said that breathed more pesadamente.-Permítame- said, and finished to take what was left of my clothes. I just stayed with socks on. What was my astonishment he suddenly felt that I took the middle and was removing one by one. I froze. He was in full erection and completely naked in front of your eyes. He was doing a chilling serenity. When she finished removing her stockings, I reviewed the feet., Examining my fingers one by one and testing their mobility. I asked to do such a thing, but I did not care. I did not care at that point. It was in his hands. He went to my thighs, tightly played as and stroking away suddenly opened my legs to the side. His hands searched my testicles now.Oh, God! With that contact, gave my cock bucking and tensed up, dripping again. I looked at him askance. He saw how did everything with great interest and patience. He kneaded my testicles, compressed separated, the molded in his hand. Every so often I wondered if he felt some discomfort, but I will not answer haltingly. He put one hand on my balls and the other took the trunk of my cock. And I blushed immediately. He discovered while the foreskin back and was examining with greater detail. He took the glans with both hands and gently opened the small hole, almost playful eroticism. I felt I was dying. My cock dripped constantly, and his hands received the sticky liquid. It was a review that is normally done with gloves, again I was surprised that the doctor had not used. When he had opened well and again my pink glans and wet, she took my cock with both hands and was playing different parts. That made me almost go away right there will a splash of milk. I do not know how I contuve.-Lie face down. "Dear God," I thought. This is serious. My cock was pinned under my abdomen. While changing position, I could see how the doctor on his tie loosened. It was the first sign of discomfort I had noticed it until now. I wondered what was going on exactly. The doctor did anal revised after adjusting latex gloves. He pushed the buttocks and finger looking not interfere with my hair, which opened the hole and experienced teacher introduced him, feeling around inside. I could not help but moan when I felt his finger touch my prostate. I was about to have an orgasm. He removed his finger and to my amazement that never ended, I felt like he took off his glove and again undertook the digital onslaught. I was feeling so I could only squint and feel the greatest pleasure in the world. But fortunately, my hand had fallen to one side, very close to him, as to one side of the couch, rubbing her apron could feel my legs. Came so that my hand accidentally brushed against his crotch. He noticed it, but did nothing to prevent that contact rather to stepped forward. vi. your package was stiff. This seemed to me glory. In the next jerk, my hand took his cock through his pants and stood there, holding that precious package. He was then stopped. He withdrew his finger from my anus, with infinite tenderness. I still stroked my buttocks a little and slowly pulled away from me. I turned on my back, and sat on the couch a bit, trying to figure out what was happening. vi. Then the doctor left his glasses on the desk. He lowered the light of the office and started taking off her apron. I looked about to throw at him, but held back because the show gave me now was most maddening. Always slowly, left the apron folded into a chair. He removed his tie and began unbuttoning his shirt. What came out of that beautiful chest shirt! A dark nipples, softly decorated with light hair framed a wide neck, chest manly and generous. Your hair naturally drew a cute graffiti And that opened on the sides of his neck. He continued undressing. He dropped his pants and was hanging on the rack, where he had left his shirt. He took off his socks and underpants fell. A package drawn by the erection of a hidden dick poked before my disbelieving eyes. Came to me. I took him by the shoulders, but I could not wait any longer and pulled down his shorts. His cock was big, covered with long light hair. It stood up and was lopsided. It was all wet. My hand gripped him and began to masturbate. He sought at once my cock and while I pajeaba, our mouths met in a muffled groan. Then I went down looking for her right nipple with my mouth. Licking gently. I noticed as it hardened. With my hand was stimulating the left and soon kissed him. First with the tip of his tongue. I was doing circles around the soft pink skin. I licked her tiny hairs. The nipple stood to me as a small penis in my mouth and disappeared. After that, he took me gently and wanted to do the same with me. It was delicious, their language was shifting and incredibly sensual. Went out and came all sucking. My nipples, my breasts, lips sank into my armpit. I caught myself not to cry. And when he saw that he could no longer, I kissed her mouth, holding my own moan. He turned to me and put my face against his pubic area. His face went to meet mine. His cock dangled before my mouth. I caught it right away and I began to suck willingly as he swallowed mine. We sat there a long time, I do not remember how much time had passed. As we ate our members, their hands roamed all they could have at your fingertips. Fingers got into our holes. His ass was so soft and relaxed, so my fingers came perfectly lubricated with my saliva. We change posture, were standing facing each other. We took another long kiss, this time with a hug containing all our desire. He took my cock and yours. We started slowly and accelerated masturbation, which was gaining speed as our excitement grew. Our eyes were one and we groaned with parted lips whispering brokenly. We tipped every so fast licks. Our gestures announce that we were coming to the end. The hands did not stop shaking our hard trunks. And both took off several jets of milk on the other's chest, almost simultaneously, in near perfect sync. We bow us convulsively one another while our mouths joined in a gasp, tongue against tongue. We went calming, yet united by the kiss and still holding our dicks out. Still naked, and with an overwhelming calm, the doctor went to the desk and wrote something in the recipe. I asked who was escribiendo.-'s your new doctor. I'm afraid I can not help you. I looked somewhat astonished and motioned interrogador.-Do not worry-I said smiling-but lost your doctor won a lover. And we sealed the deal with a slow, tender kiss

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Xavier Bullet: I Just Keep Blogging!

Hey everybody,So this blog rather than tell you about what I did today, I figured I would tell you about the things I like to do, and a typical day for me!Most days start out with me waking up and drinking a protein shake. I then make a good hearty breakfast. Scrambled eggs and cinnamon toast are my favorites! After that I take my dog Zoey who is a German Shepard/Blue Heeler mix out for the morning. She is 4 years old and full of life! Once I return I usually shower, catch some ESPN quickly, and read a bit. I wait to get called from work as I work in a doctors office. We do in patient home calls. The doctor and I will treat patients at their homes. It is a really rewarding job and I love helping people! I don't always have to work everyday, it just depends if we have a patient to see. If I don't work or after work I usually have lunch. One of my favorites is spaghetti, or any type of pasta for that matter!The evenings I usually hit the gym, I go 5 times a week. I follow the TV show Arrow work out currently. I change even couple of months to keep shocking muscles.After the weight room I hit a shower and have dinner. Depending on the workout I have to take in "X" amount of calors,carbs, and proteins. That is a pretty typical day for me. During my free time I usually cam, hang with friends, and spend time with my dog!As always thank you for reading!-X

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Lee Cass: Favorite Tv Show

So I love tv series. Dramas, comedy, cartoon, you name it i'll give it a try. My favorite Tv drama would be between United states of Tara or Parenthood. Both are super great and have sooo Much going on. I'm literally addicted to them. I've watched United states of Tara Twice now. another favorite Drama would be brothers and sisters. Sometimes they make me cry though. Favorite comedy tv series would be Sex in the city or will and grace. Both are great tv. They don't make shows as great anymore though. My favorite cartoon series is The Simpsons for sure. I've watched it my whole life! I like how they put current events into the show to keep stuff new. I'm always up for a new show. On of my favorite things to do is cook dinner then sit in front of the tellie for about 3 hours. Especially in winter when it's freezing. If you have any suggestions for me to watch just message me them and i'll give it a shot. I have netflix too so It could be easy for me to get hooked on one of your favorites as well! I'm looking forward to hear what you guys think I would be interested in! Keep in touch with me. I enjoy you guys!

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Alan Dooro: Colonia

Hey boys and daddys :) what's up? Today I wasn't online in the entire day because I went to Colonia (Uruguay) to the ATM lol I know ... it sounds senseless going to other country just to the ATM but here in Argentina we have some issues with dollar and importation so ATM don't give them.. so its beneficial to me going to uruguay...anyway. Today I know Colonia for first time... I was there once but only in the terminal... Colonia its a beautiful small town pretty close to Buenos Aires, divided for the river. All the buildings on this town are small ( I mean, not high buildings) but old-colonial looking that is awesome! In Argentina we don't take care of old buildings and we mix a lot with new buildings. so its hard to see the real essence of the city. People in Colonia is so warm and nice :) I love this little trip and I have to go there at least one time by month. If you sometime come to Argentina you should take a boat to Colonia. Pretty recommended That was my day :) now let's have some fun in my chat room :) I'll be waiting for you!don't forget to check my twitter:

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Zack Randall: Horny

Well, I've been getting horny again, but I don't have all the toys I used to play with in previous months. They belong to the studio now, so I've just got a single dildo and a fleshjack to make my shows a little more exciting. One of my models has been trying to set up shows with me, so perhaps I'll be here with Isaac Yale or a newcummer ;-)Meanwhile, I've gotten a head start on my calculus homework--nothing like some derivatives and integrals to get the mind going in the morning eh? Okay, a few cups of coffee helps too lolMy tentative schedule for the coming week is Thursday, Sunday, and Monday. Not sure of the exact times yet, but I will try to post them on my calendar if I can figure it out enough in advance. I apologize for not having a more stable time frame yet... I can only imagine that a routine will emerge as I get back into academic mode. Definitely something to be said for deadlines!Hope to see you soon!~Zack

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Stephon Stallion: Horny & Wish It Were Friday!

Hey Guys!I hope you are having a good day, i hope this week hurrys up and friday gets here!!!!If you wanna chat or have alittle fun stop in my room, i will be on and off all day n evening :) If you aren't doing anything this evening stop in my room for a little chatting and some fun :) i hope to see you all!follow me now on my new twitter account @StephonStallon and I'll follow you back!I am just about to get online in 10 minutes.I LIKE: cumshots, roleplaying, phone in pvt, and just about anything else you can think of!If you havent already checked out the new fan clubs! please do they are really neat and have many benefits such as 5% off vods and pvt shows with the model youve joined the club with.nnmy personel page there will be tons of exclusive member only photos and hot hot videos, and one special cumshow so dont delay and sign up today !www.StephonStallion.comalso do not forget the wishlist and check out the hot items i have up that we could have some fun with!I am here to offer you anything that you are into, if it isn't listed in my likes, be sure to tell me and we can make it happen for you the way you want it!!!!!As always email me anytime you please to just chat or setup a personel 1-1 session of your choice, I am free most of the time and can accomadate just about anything!Thanks guys! & Hope to see you soon.Stephon xoxoxo

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Deon Dark: Sorry…

I know I told many of you that I was going to be on tonight, but my job requested that I come in early in the morning so I had to hit the rack right after I got home from class. I really hate to have to renig on my word but as you all know, Real life comes first. :( I will make it up to you guys as soon as I can. I hope ya'll have a good evening and I'll see ya'll again soon.Deon

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