Billie Ryder: Getting Back in the Swing

It's been an emotional rolla coasta lately with money, my relationship, and getting back into school. I really like when my viewers talk to me. Especially when they sexualize me, or even just talk to me about my day, and I theirs. I'm bisexual, and so my girlfriend loves what I do. Getting back in the swing of camming is exciting and anxious. A long story short, I live in the south and love getting attention. I've been walking around dressed more like my androgynous self -- to great attention. Maybe someone cool will want to kick it with me like ya'll cool e-friends do ;3

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Taylor Cost: First Show

Im not sure how things go for other people, but hey i had fun. seems these handcuffs might work for other things haha. well tomorrow night ill be on again. All the love on my tattoos just makes me want more and more and to finally get covered from head to toe. What can i do here that will be different thought? I need suggestions, or something to get an idea off of

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Cody Summers: Introduction

Hello, most of you do not know me yet but my name is Cody Summers. I am a model on Flirt for Free. Please follow me on Twitter @CodySummers2014. I am gay and a bottom but have done both roles. My hobbies are riding horses, working out, and most of all, having kinky sex with a hot guy. I am very horny and I hope you are too. My favorite sex toys include but are not limited to, dildos, butt plugs, hand cuffs, whips, and shanks, among many others. My fetishes are a hot guy ripping my clothes off and having their way with me. My turn ons include a guy who is young and hot along with being smooth and ripped. My turn offs are big burley and hairy guys. I fantasize about long hours of giving blow jobs, French kissing, and having sex with a hot guy. I aim to please my customers when they enter my chat room. Please come in and enjoy yourself but also be respectful of me and the other members. I hope to meet new people and engage in intellectual conversation along with much flirting and current events. I am flexible about the topic of conversation as long as it is appropriate. In other words, do not be disrespectful of other people and cultures. I am looking forward to getting to know each and every one of you.

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Nick Pierce: Bad College Schedule, Whoops

So classes start today and I just printed out my schedule and never noticed that mondays I have class from 220 till 1045 and there is only a 5 minute break in between my 2 classes! lol! This semester is going to be brutal! Thankfully both classes are in the same building, so it's not like I have to run all the way across campus to make it on time but still, damn I hope I get some break during class haha. Does mean it's probably a safe bet I wont be on Monday nights, that long a day, i'm going to be beat and will just want to chillout. So at most you all might catch me online to chat, but it wont be scheduled sorry to say. Just remember to follow my twitter and you'll be sure to know when I pop online ;)As well for those that have been having trouble with my stream, i'm sorry again for the hassle, but I did email techsupport right away so everything will be sorted out before my next broadcast I promise! Really trying to work hard for you all so I can afford that toy I've been talking about. Would love to have that baby on cam with me to use for you ;)

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Josh Lynch: Sex Toys

Hello to all my fans out there I just wanted to take a few moments and tell you a little about the sex toys that I just got a few days ago and would like to use them with you in a pvt show or even a group chat maybe. I love dildos and the reason that I love them is because they hit the spot just like a real cock does for me. I also like to feel the vibration of one also what a feeling that is if you have never felt a dildo in your ass before then you need to try one. I like to make my hole wet with the dildo and make my ass want it by teasing it and using lube for it. Why I like dildos so much or why they are my favorite is because you can use them to tease yourself or even help yourself get off. Riding a dildo is the most fun you can have by yourself. I also have a thing for underwear if I see a guy in underwear i get hard and also underwear is a big turn on for me mainly boxers and boxer-briefs. I always go to store at least once a month and spend money on underwear due to I have a fetish for them. Love you guys!

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Cameron Foster: Monday

I hope Everyone enjoyed their weekend. Mine was nice with friends, movies and dinners. Busy day at the gym and just got home. I got in a great chest and abdominal workout. My strength is going up like I want. Each week I just bump the weight up by a bit. I got a nice massage earlier too, which I needed from all the gym time. Im excited for the Fan Club show tonight at 10pm EST! I will be doing a free show for Members. Also going to stay after the show just to chat a bit since I had a good time with that in the prior shows. Thinking tonight going to be oiling my body up and working out in some tight undies with my Members. This week I also plan on going live for more private show since I had a great time with that yesterday. If Im not online and you want to set something up with me just send me an email. I also have had requests to follow back on twitter, please just say that on my twitter page. I cant be writing down screen names etc while on live chat with so much going on. I will be adding new pictures this week in the Fan Club and doing free Member shows :)Check out my twitter for updates!XO Cameron

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Pete Jonez: Gotta Keep My Chin Up. Day 1. 8/25/2014

Hoping to find out more about this site and start making some new friends. Who wants to be friends and have a deeper connection with me. Get to know me and I'll be more friendly and comfortable. I have a job interview tomorrow for sonic. Hope I can get this site going so I can work less and be on camera more. Starting my sex toy wish list. Check it out. I would love to just own a sex toy store. I wanna try everything. Swings, leather, underwear, Cock pumps, cock rings, vibrating toys, lube, anything let's explore the store together.

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Nate Diaz: Depressed

On my last day off until i slave 7 days at work no one wanted anything from me. As horny as could be nothing came my way :c am i even good enough for this game we call love? So today is a new day and I shall try again :)

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Kraze K: Will Be Back Soon!

To all My fans here, I will be back sometime. Just wanted you all to know that I plan to come back as the KING of FETISH on this site. Most of you who know Me, know about that.....This is in regards to those who wonder where I am and miss Me! Just know I will be back....Kraze~

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Cristi Greenn: It's Time for a Trip

Hello guys and happy week-end to you all . Is my free day this Sunday and i am planing to spended outside because is nice weather and a fishing trip would be nice and relaxing . Is also the day that i visit my parents house and have lunch with them . Is very rrae when i am doing it that some times i like just going there and cheching up some old memeories about the vacations we were spending together or just having some fun playing cards. I will get plany of rest today and eat too beacuse i had a few bad days this past week when my heartwas rasing because i drink to much coffe and i was feeling weak. I start drining like this morning some juice fruit and that will easely get me back on my feet. i will look at some predictions for today and hopefully i will find great news there... well i was right is a great day and i cant wait to enjoy it. My plans for today includes also going to a beauty salon and doing my nails so i can be sexy for you all . I am hoping to go at the new shopping center and see what discounts they ahve at the baithing suits. I loose some weight with the diet i am keeping and want to buy a red one that will make my skin look great and my black hair is in a good tone with it.A red dress would be perfect for the hot summer nights in the club so i will choose one and put it on my wish list and if you like to send me a gift you have the chance now.I also need a new toy that i can play and enjoy myself when i am in private with you. I will call it the big hope you all do the same and i will see you on monday in here for some good old fun.

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