Noah Arts: Where is She

If I could find her, should would be average height, around 160-170lbs and be black or Puerto Rican, I love exotic girls. I would want her to accept me for me and not always be wanting more and more. I'm a hard worker and I would hope for her to be the same. I used to believe in love at first site, but I have had so many women test that belief of mine it is ridiculous. I am not like your average man, I cook and clean, I'm not lazy, even on the days I want to be. I'm always productive. And something that has helped me write this short blog for others to see is that I am a writer along with a webcam model. Its quite simple for me to write about almost anything. I would just like to feel loved again, sincerely. I really don't mind for my lady to have any colored eyes. I really don't like blondes so I would prefer for her to have dark hair. (this means, don't be a blonde and just dye your hair) I want a beautiful smile and I would like for you to be tan, if I even go for you, being white, I don't ever date my own race. I just really don't like pasty women, so I refrain from dating or even associating with them.

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Will Foster: New to the Site

Hey guys and girls. My name is Will Foster and I am new to this site. I am excited to have some fun and meet some new people. Little about myself, I am a masseur and have been doing it for 14 years now. Back in Nov I had some clients that were looking for some more and stuff like dates so I started hanging out with them and started advertising myself on Rentboy and as of this past Friday I won the Best Bear in the world. There was a really big award show in New York City with the crazy Alaska Thunderfuck hosting. It was nice to have a bigger guy like myself to win an award in the industry. I am proof that anyone that has a heart and passion to do this can no matter what we look like. Everyone out there has a type and you might be someones type. I am home now in DC and looking to make some new friends on here and maybe some new clients. I am not the average bear I have a passion that is bright. I also have a wide range of who I am. I can be animalistic or a cuddly teddy bear. See you guys in my room. Goodnight

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Jack Healy: Getting New out Fits

Wow cant wait i am getting new out fits and its great,sexy,naughty and a lot of fun to take off specially for my viewers and maybe a toy.Raise the roof its on fire watch this space and keep watching.... jack out

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Jaco Jones: Open Relationship

I recently found great guys name James. He's deaf as well like myself. I been want to get into open relationship because I personals myself is model and porn star. I don't really believe in closed relationship due of jealous and sensitive feelings. I never thought I would try and did it pretty successful into relationship with my open boyfriend. I been told few people about question "would you stay one dick rest of their life?" they pretty pause n slow delay responded. Thats most exactly part to think about it. Its very troubleshooting being in closed relationship, it don't stay last long relationship. Its very cause problems and an issues between by two people. Once being into open relationship its more trust n understanding about our self lust feeling. Our pleasure sure is satisfy in right environment surround us. Its less complain or want to fight who fuck who. So I really feel comfortable being around with someone who open and share with ourselves with other no string men. The more we have faith n to love for one n only. We r on our own n protect our relationship to last forever.

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Alex Foster: New Life

the weather is joke i think then gone to studia try to keep some money work like webcam model^ SNOW!!! its really? after that good begin of march: sunshine, green grass, first birds who fly from south... peoplple from Saint-Petersburg missed that from one night... again we must put on weighty jakets and waterproof shoes, when sweat in metrostation( but i was in good mood cuz soon i been here, in 4f site ith good giys who say me a lot of sweet words and make me happy time to time*) good morning and lets begin*) My room here i am happy i like it very much with big sofa)) and beatifull stained-glass window, here i feel myself like home with big family who look on me from enouther side of webcam (i say about you guys)) sometimes i want see you too and please dont be shy because i if true i shy too. And i dont judje people for they appearance only for they do or say. so dont be shy please and go my chatroom cam to cam) thats make me really horny! you must know i am sexoholick and can do that all day and nigt i fell all of you and sometimes i think you sit near me, mmmm my fantasy very bad now and i want to start come on

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Colby Davis: 3 Years Later

Well...its been over three years since I was last on here with you boys! I missed it, I won't lie! I thought about it a lot but just didn't have the opportunity to get back into the swing of things.Finally, the chance came and I took it and I'm so darn happy that I did! In my first hour, I was able to reconnect with so many of my friends from my first time chatting on here! I'm surprised I missed it so much but you all make it the fun that it is! Hopefully now this will be a permanent thing for me and I'll be able to add to that long list of friends with some new awesome ones!I spent a long time away, traveling with some friends! Got to go all the country and see amazing things and meet new people! Traveling really is one of the most amazing things I've been able to do and I really wanna do more of it! Maybe I'll be able to actually met some of you after all!!But I've resettled in a new city with a new life! I'm still single but that's a ok with me! I answer to no one but myself and that's the way it should be! I'm happy! How could anyone ask for anything more then that!? RIGHT?! I'm hoping that now that I'm back I'll be able to spend way more time then I used to! I used to only come on once or twice a week back when I first started out three years ago, but, I wanna come on every day so that I can talk to all of you! I just hope you're all interested in talking and seeing me here too! Make sure you all look for me and don't forget to try out my new phone contact information and fan club! I'll be waiting for you!!!

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Zach Biggs: Zachs Story

Hi fans! Just a brief description of who I am and where I'm from so you have a better understanding of myself if you want to connect on a more personal level. Was born and raised in California out on an acre of beautiful land with my Mom, dad, and sister. My dad built the house with just a couple friends by hand, weve had many animals cats, dogs, donkeys, horses, chickens, a goat lol and some other randoms such as birds, fish, frogs etc. My dad got cancer when I was young and went through treatment for 9 years and died on our couch when I was 15. Tragedy happens to everyone but all we can do is look at what good that person brought into the world. My dad was super funny and was always told by everyone that he should be a comedian, I feel sometimes like I have the same humor my dad did. I love to have fun with anyone whether its talking about our day or making fun of something all the way to some hot times. I think being a model on the web can be a great opportunity to find great people to share with. I will be posting twice a week about my life, and the progress of my career on the web as a model. I appreciate all the help you can with my success, power boosts, tips, personal experiences in private, and cheering me on or compliments are always a big help too. This is my first post and I cant wait to have more and more memorable experiences with new or exsisting fans. Anyone that can beat my current high tip will get a special discount not available to the public! Kisses boys! And I'll see you in my room! *Everyone is beautiful in their own way*

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Logan Vega: Hi Everyone!

My name is Logan and this is the first entrance of my diary jeje.I'm "new" to this site but I hope you know me and we can have good moments!. I like to talk with boys about all the things and to play with this with my body :P. If you like to talk with hot people about all (sex, life, music, games.., all) I'm your guy! I'm sorry for my english.., is not very well butI promise that I will work hard to improve. ------ Thanks for read my first entry!Regards,Logan

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Bruce Evans: Started My Love

A lot of people have a strong issue with reading, and I was one of those people. Now, you may just jump right into a reading assignment you have for English, but you won't get the full benefit of understanding exactly what you are reading. A majority of the time we read things and still don't understand a single word. Here are three phases to help with this:1) Pry Out Questionsa) Pry=Preview.Don't jump into reading. Preview the assignment. Look through the book, at the pages, skim chapters, read headings, and read the summaryb) Out=Outline.Create an outline. If your book has chapter create a set of pages/notes to later take notes.c) Questions=Questions.Before you begin, ask yourself some questions from what you previewed. Make a list of those questions and try to answer them while you read.Questions and Answers - Magnifying Glass on Words2) Focus and Flag Answersa) Focus=Focus.While you read, stay focused! Don't just read through it, or else you won't know what you just read. Get yourself away from distractions and try to make the reading come to life, perhaps make a movie in your head.b) Flag Answers=Flag Answers.Go back to those set of questions you made and as you read answer them. Don't completely focus on the questions, but rather what you're reading and if you happen to spot the answer take just a few moments to write it and continue reading.3) Recite, Review, and Review Again.a) Recite=Recite.speech-bubble-11-256Once you finish reading, state OUT LOUD exactly what it is you read. If it's a book, state a summary of what that chapter was about, or you could also write it down.b) Review=Review.You should do your review 24 hours after you have read. This technique can help your memory go from short-term to long-term. The review doesn't need to be long, just make sure to know the key points and whatever else may be important.

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John Jay: More Personal Records at Gym in Almost Everything

Hack squats 425 for 13 reps at 6'0 and 224lbs.. all the way down.. Prs in lat pulls.. 200 for 10 strict no swaying.. Pr in smith squats about 2 inches above parallel.. on smith machine,,, 465 for 15 reps.. Pr in curls on barbell 125 for 10. Pr in leg curls PR in seated abs.. Pr in seated rows.. Pr in standing calves on smith machine, 500 for 10.. No steroids.. 100 percent all natural

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