Alex Archer: Money

so, I was at work today, as I am everyday, and I was thinking about winning the lottery, or somehow coming into a lot of money. I definitely wouldn't be like most people and just spend it all in one day. i'd put a lot away in savings, or a CD, but would buy a new vehicle, cause mine is always getting on my last nerve. Of course buy a nice house, but nothing to crazy. and a boat, gotta have a boat!

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Dylan Cole: October 2, 2015

Today I purchased my White party palm springs weekend pass ticket. I'm so excited and nervous as it will be my first time attending this event. Who know's what fun and mischief i could get into. We'll just have to wait and see! ;)

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Charlie Wilds: Downstairs

Speaking of which, it was starting to get a little swollen now."Fuck it." I thought. Maybe jerking off really quick would help me doze offa bit earlier. I bit my lip and rubbed my nipples, sliding my left handunder the band of my boxer briefs. I was a righty when it came toeverything else, but when it came to jerking off I went all left.It didn't take very long for me to be at full mast. The swollen head of mycock popping out of the top of my briefs. I let my left hand wander down tomy hole as I grinded against the tight band. I rubbed my hole with myfingers, coming up to spit on them so I could slide one inside. I alwaysloved that feeling. I didn't know if it made me gay or not, but honestly Ididn't care. Sometimes I wished I could find something to use other than myfingers.I switched it up using my right hand to slide two fingers into my ass whilemy left stroked my dick. I could feel my orgasm coming quickly, thinkingabout random girls and guys from school that I found hot.Within another minute I was shooting, my cum landing on my face and my abs,some of it settling back into my boxer briefs. I took a second and lickedmy hand clean before I heard a loud CRASH from downstairs.

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Rodriguez Tarantino: First Day Here!

Hello guys! my name is Radrigez. I m from Russia and born in Saint Petersburg. i m 22 years old. I m bi but i love guys more than girls, its easier to talk and live with guys. I want to try myself like a supermodel, i think that i m sexy and i have a good cock, some guys said that they like mu cock a lot))) I had a relati8oship with one guy but he lie me and we never meet again! I hope that here i can find real love and here i can make all my dreams come true.In my first day here i m shy a little becorse i never did it . But i like to take nude pictures with my good dick and sexy photosets. I have some like this at home and sometimes i look for myself and my dick becomes bigger and bigger, i become very horney. I like to look gay videoes and stroke for it. I cum a lot and enjoy my horney dick very much!) For last time i work cooker and i loved it too becorse i love to cook! but its enother story....With love your Rody:*

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Jack Dann: As They Say the Things They Go Through Something

many times in life indifference them can be seen in the people with whom we are having contact by that when we notice that in life there is indifference can say that always great therefore we can say that ourselves are equal and we know that in life we can do things with which we must be very aware and very intoaccount in things that can happen to us that the same people can lead us to be inthe same conditions of life and they will always try to tell or even do things on which we do not possibly have the same support that on occasions we can do things with which we will say that they are not as we want them to see and for this reason are not the same things that we do on a daily basis because they are things which we can do the same or even more things in which can end the people with which we can be contacted by the only way we can do the same things always should know as they are in the same form and when and where can take them into account that not only is a thing that we do not also have things that we must do in the same situations in which we can

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Dilan Lewis: No Lies

always futile life things have the exact reason that go through that when we give realize that things in life we can make in one or another form there is where we realize that anything goes in life and that always should be prepared for that in life when things get difficult can be nearly that confident that bad things would mark us life and not We can assure that life can give us good things and bad things on occasion we ask ourselves that if life is fair to us that if we do this well done that if we deserve everything give us others than if we know that the efforts we make are validosque in life people deserve what we do for them than if things are right or wrong done that when we do things with the heart and conscience must be prepared always to the things in life can help us or we may be destroyed by that when we destroy a things we are aware of this and when a things makes us more strong also can make her case things n life can help you to grow as people as human beings with the same things that we can say that in the life are willing to

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Joe Jameson: If I Won the Lotto

I would buy a huge mansion, and I'd want my space obviously but I promised my mom a guest house in the backyard and she wants a cute pool boy. I would invest most of the money and use the rest to open up a shelter for animals. My plan is to become incredibly rich and run an animal shelter/charity

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Jet Blaze: New Sex Toy!

Just bought a 7.5 inch "Real Feel" dildo/vibrator and tried it out for the first time. I haven't bottomed for quite some time so getting it in was a little bit of a struggle since I was really tight. The moment it went in though - it hurt real good haha I slowly pushed it in inch by inch and eventually I got to the base. I laid there for a bit before I turned the knob for the vibration and oh. my. fuck. I have never felt anything so amazing in my entire life. The toy itself has multiple speeds and just the lowest speed drives me crazy already. Can't wait to really play around with it in a private show! ;)

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The Good Doctor: Hello World

Well, I suppose the time has come to pop my blog cherry. Quite frankly, I've never been a huge fan of blogs, or social media on the whole. After all, do you REALLY care what I had for lunch today? I honestly don't think that I'm that particularly interesting.Don't get me wrong. I have a fun life. I get to travel, work for myself, see and do all kinds of interesting people.... But that's simply the life I've chosen to lead. It's not special. I just selected paths in my life that has allowed me to do interesting stuff.Anyway, I'm starting to feel like Douggie Houser now, writing this late in the evening, so I think I'll call this blog post on account of nostalgia. Stay tuned for my next entry.

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Rick Perry: Sunday Sept 20th

Just finished my 1st day of actual camming! I meet so many great guys! I don't want to list their names cause I know I would forget someone and that would be bad hahaha. For the guys who prvted me THANK YOU and I hope you enjoyed seeing me. For those who just chatted with me, THANK YOU as well but there is SO MUCH MORE we could do in private! I cant wait to get on again and ride ya'll!

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