Truvan Hardy: Inappropriate Content/users

Hello fellow members and performers.Two days ago I had an unwelcoming experience with a member that entered my room. Since I am not keen on leaving out names, their user ID is/was ynglover13. This person claimed to be 22 and was asking questions about how young I like someone. I began to be a little concerned, but ran with the idea thinking nothing of it.He then went on to specify that he had "pictures and videos" and that he "loved them hairless." He had asked if I had any younger siblings or younger relatives to which I replied, "yes, I have a daughter that is just over a year old." He then proceeded to take me into a private session and the question he asked absolutely horrified me and frustrated me. His question was, "Have you ever got hard thinking about your daughter?"My next course of action was to not only end the session, but contact support to have this matter taken care of. I was informed that the username of "ynglover13" was a spoof name and did not have any information listed even though they were under a premium account.They have since been banned from the system on the same day, but that doesn't mean this won't happen again by them returning or someone else. If anything like is is noticed in my room, it will be reported ASAP and I ask that if anyone else notices an incident like that, please, PLEASE notify the model to have this taken care of.

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Jasper Steven: E and D Hard Times

Having hard times need a new place by the 7th otherwise we will be homeless with no way to plz our FANS. We are stressed and hoping our Fans love us enough to help us make it where we need to be For now we are at making only 40 bucks what's that all about. Plz help us make it!!!

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Dakota Blu: 2nd Day

I can't complain at all! I had fun even though I did have a couple of people who were not going with the flow. Please remember that there is nothing but good energy here! I love showing off for you guys and would love to hear more suggestions !!Can I just say that i had a couple private shows that were a amazing! Lol keep on keeping on guys!

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Ronnie Howard: Lets Just Fuck

the guy from the ride share had looked very familiar. ..I had no clue we went to university of Kentucky together ,right after i left high-school. i remembered him, because in my phone his name was under wet tongue sugar daddy!! abbreviated of course lol know we all store names under phrases or code names..we both enjoyed nuts together!!!!!!!

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Eric Ealy: Happy Friday Guys!!!

Cant wait for the weekend im celebrating my birthday finally. Will be a weekend of fun and exciting things happening i hope i get to hear from you all when i log on later today. Well thats all i have for now hope everyone has an awesome day and a fantastic weekend.

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Trev Satisfyes: Today's Delight;)

That's right...Grab my big hard curved dick...Now get on your knees...Suck me off...Mmm...Love your light blue string bikini...Get up...Lean over the bed...Going to fuck you in your bikini. ..Love your tight ass...Scream louder baby...Let's beat your nine orgasms that I gave you an hour ago...Time for 10..

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Hunter Fields: The New Guy

Being the new person is always intimidating. This site in itself is intimidating so you can imagine how i feel. There is a lot to live up to but then again there's not. I'm not like most models. I have a different approach and something different to offer. I'm excited for my time on this site, and i'm excited where we go...together.More soon on being..... "The New Guy"

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Ryan Yale: Time Off Update

Hello All! I Have Really Been Enjoying My Time Off Lately...But Damn I Can't Wait To Be Back! I Have A Few More Days With My Friends And Will Shortly Be Back In A Few Days...If You Miss Me Call My Phone Or Watch My Videos :)~Ryan

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Nick Bigrig: My Twitter

My twitter page is now nick_bigrig007Im ready to wow you guys with my excellent vibe you get when you enter my page , im ready to put in work, just like I do in my regular life with my Martial arts and my fighting. I keep a heavy pace on people most cant handle. things are just growing and getting started for me so its only Upp! from here

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Danny Alpha: Wow – My First Day Was Fun!!

Hey guys, I'm excited to have finished my first couple of shows yesterday. I'm brand new to this site but have been camming for fun for years and years and you guys on F4F are awesome!! Looking forward to many more shows and hopefully reaching my goal ASAP so I can buy a plane ticket home and make it to my brother's wedding in August.:-)

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