Kelvin Voss: Repentance

I do not know what I felt, having won a victory. Probably nothing. But what was I? Yes, with anything! With such strong evidence in his hands, I could erase the guy in the powder, to humiliate him, but now what was the meaning of this ?! I think I had nothing - so nothing is lost, although I still do not have enough Slavik in my life.That's the story of my first love to a guy who was not worthy of her. Most likely, he did not like anyone. For him, sex was just a fun ...It has been several months since we last spoke. I sit, clutching a tape recorder, and I think, and whether I did? Maybe I had to punish him because he basely betrayed me, cheated, although he could just tell me the truth. It would have been hurt, hurt, but honestly! Why can not I do the same with him, although meanness meanness answer is probably low ...I do not know the answer to your question, but maybe you know him? What would you do in my place? Slava be released, as I did, or punish him for the future, so as not to ruin the lives of others?

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Leo Steel & Deon Cooper: Feb 25th First Day!

I just broadcasted for the first time and had so much fun:) I was able to really meet some new people and show my sexual freak side! We are so excited to get to know every one of you, and build a great connection. What differs us from others? We show our TRUE personality on camera ;) . The interaction you will see from us on cam is the same interaction you would see in person. I personally think this is hard to find out in the cam world, and we hope to see you benefit from it!! We will be sure to post a schedule after we move in (everyone knows how stressful that can be). We are also taking a trip to Mexico together for Spring Break (yay) and we will try and broadcast then for you guys! Hope you all are prepared for some crazy shows, we hope to blow your mind and give you the best show you have ever seen! Make sure you check out our bio and get a taste of what we have to offer. If you ever want to chat with us on the phone we have FlirtPhone ready for you! Get to know us more after hours.. :)) SEE YOU SOON

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Silver Steele: Early Morning

So I wake up early morning with a throbbing hard on. Waiting to come online and play. Looking for that sexy man that is going to come and rock my world. Early morning looking for that sexy mans morning wood mmmmmm. Sex in the morning is the best. Wake up with it throbbing every morning. Waiting for the day I wake up with a nice hard morning wood beside me. mmmm Makes me get hard just thinking about it. Have him wake up and wake me up with him teasing me with his morning wood. Making me want it. Want him to slide it in me so slow until I take all of him. As he works his way up into me I want him to reach around me and grab me and start to work me into excitement. mmmm morning cum. Come play with me Guys!!.. Im waiting for you to come play with me. Come and fill me fantasies and me if you think you can. Love to chat and hang out I come on to have fun nothing more so come and have some fun and listen to some good music and watch me play and dance for you. Hope to see all you sexy guys soon.

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Leo Steel: February 26th! Plans for the Day!

I woke up about 2 hours ago (yes that means 2PM EST) due to having a long night ;). But now that I am up and ready to take on the day I plan to hop on cam and broadcast for a little bit to chat with everyone and get to know as many people as I can! After that I hope to actually be some what productive and work on a little bit of homework to ease the workload of tomorrow. Tonight I plan to go see my boyfriend and hang out with him some (we may appear on cam who knows) , usually after we perform we watch a few episodes of the simpsons to just relax. On a really exciting note, WE LEAVE FOR CANCUN MEXICO IN 11 DAYS! We are so excited to take this vacation and have the opportunity to preform on camera with you guys. Feel free to check out our tip target to bring us on another dream vacation (we broadcast throughout all of our dream trips). Also we have FlirtPhone activated in case you guys want to give me a call and chat with me some! The call does not have to be sexual if you don't want it to, wanna get to know me, or having a bad day and need someone to talk to? I can help you out :)

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Jay Grey: What I Like

I lOve wOrking Online its a lot Of fun and I like getting naked and full Of cum >and the first week Online I have really injOyed I made mOney and its just the start am a male stripper fOr south Africa sO this is just as fun as that

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John Delta: What Am I Doing Next Weekend?

Next weekend I am off to London to enjoy myself time to get horny have sex drink my self silly and just enjoy my self, off there with my friends, do I wish to drive there bit of a long way think I may give that one a miss, I will get my driver to drive me be so much easier while I relax anyone wish to join me feel free London is just the best place to be I am looking forward to it and so excited about having such a horny time so many fitties in London, London here I come baby!!!

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Jeri Ko: The Must-know Sexting 6 Tips

Here's how to say all the right things to get him off his cell -- and at your side.1: It's not what you sext, but whom you're sexting.Is he of legal age? Is he some player who'll be showing every buddy he wants to impress your dirty little ditties? Is this a guy who wants to receive your sexts? If you're not sure of any of this, then follow this rule of thumb: don't text him, until you know him better.2: Keep it naughty, not dirty.Firting is fine. Suggestive declarations are a turn-on, too. But no need to be gross or lewd. As with any seduction, its best to leave something to his imagination.3: Remember: a picture is worth a thousand embarrassments.Sure, men enjoy visual stimulation. If you're up for showing a little nip (or something lower and more revealing), a word of caution: whatever you send may be seen by strangers, too. For example, the receiver may forward it to someone else, without your knowledge. Or, should either of your cell phones be stolen the photo could surface in places you'd rather it didn't. And yes, a cell phone's ISP (Internet Service Provider) can be hacked. Rule of thumb: suggestive is okay, but homemade porn is not.4: Learn the lingo.Avid sexters have come up with a few shortcuts to make their feelings known - and yours, too. For example, there are informational acronyms such as MOOS (Member Of The Opposite Sex) and MOSS (Member(s) Of The Same Sex), as well as cute acronymns such as K4Y (Kiss For You), S2R (Send To Receive), IAYM (I Am your Master), NALOPKT (Not A Lot Of People Know That) and LMIRL (Let's Meet In Real Life). Let's not forget those hot acronyms, like TDTM (Talk Dirty To Me), WIN (Want It Now), IWSN (I Want Sex Now), and last but never least, GYPO (Get Your Pants Off).5: Create your own language of love.Even better, come up with a few code words (say, "" or "In the Mood 4 U") or customized acronyms ( like LPD for "let's play doctor", or "LOL2Nite" for "lots of luvin' tonight") to show how much you mean to each other. To paraphrase Shakespeare, an innuendo by any other name is just as sweet.6: Think it through before you hit "Send".Have some discretion on whom you text, and what you text. This is the one time in which it doesn't pay to be impulsive. In other words, when in doubt, don't.

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Evhans V & Andriw Foxx: We'll Dream Wiht You

Today I will dream with you ..And if you think about it, it's amazing what comes to hiding inside that ball of cotton. There is something in his soft touch that draws our attention from very small, if not understand why many things in life but if we come to understand that if we embrace are protected. And no one in this world has told us that this is so, it is he who protect us if something happens to us, because it really is not.Every day we are looking for warmth in the cold winter and cool in summer, and with it we realize that it never fails that again when you enter your four walls you see there up your life again willing to be beside the hours you want. Without looking at him just to touch him, hug him, we are able to find in it our inner space, this inner space where we keep all our bits, those bits that make us great day, bits that make us grow based falls.They appear suddenly and straight above your bed, you do not know where they come from or where they are now but there in your place, in your world willing to give comfort and tranquility to share with them each of your dreams .Falls and falls, rocks and more rocks, that's life, that's what fills that little hollow inside. That hole that hides things that only we know, that hides a what and a reason for everything we do, which makes us doubt and putting things too long before doing something, that little hole that teaches us that if something costs something like .And it is he again appears to tell that hole explode before him, all the tears I shed you need, to give you the blow it takes to reassure or simply embrace him with all the strength you have. Because I'm the first to come home with a smile, I show my parents a happiness that believed nonexistent and road my four ducked walls head to finish on top of the bed, and I start sweating eyes hugging him .Words that disappear into her web, thousands of tears that hides in each of my falls, and with it over time I dare to say that I have a special affection, I can pour and operate until that point that he, who gives me peace of mind to sleep on top of him and again, let me dream.

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Christhofer W: A Poem

THIS IS SOMETHING WAT I THINK AND I LIKE ABOUT LOVE....If you looked like the end of the worldIf you buscases as the key... From the very nothingAnd gets My Hands As If latierangiven if Alike son of sand or mudJust as if you feltMayor Gun Human Being ...... Love.I thought I was invincibleHaving the gift of the Word,strong, magician, InvisibleSince the very soul.I thought I was brave tanAble to Fight me Himselfand maybe hurt me... Perhaps beatI thought I would be alive tanningAble to graze as DreamsThat Almost ... almost forgotMy Words had died.The words with the wind ... because I'm going with you windBecause a wordless times,Just ... nothing soy.Sometimes live so fast that we forget what really Important ... live!Below sun rises All That we, What seek During that magical ride ... lifeTry to be happy ... if you leave tomorrow ... ... maybe later Mark is fleeting timewhen you write with your fingersand fleeting life ...when the climb and then stripsAnd slowly goes silentwhen you try to say "I love you"that infinite is the lookthat says it all ... without saying anything.That screams loud my voice ...when fear in losing,my beats are cardboard,tears of death.How quickly will the world ...I do not want to wake my hearthe fell asleep with yours.

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Jamie Blakeman: Change to Scheduled Broadcast!!

Hi Guys, Firstly I really want to apologize as I will not be able to broadcast on Friday 20/02/2015 and Saturday 21/02/2015 as my camera has broke!!! I am really sorry guys I am devastated but I will be back very soon with a better HD Cam which arrives on Tuesday :D .. See you all soon.Jamie xx

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