Hunter Hearton: I Have a Blog?

Hey guys!What a wild ride it's been so far. To be honest, I didn't think I'd really be cut out for this sort of thing, but I guess the joke's on me--I'm still having a blast! Thanks to all of you guys, of course. I've met some pretty awesome dudes on here in a short amount of time.THAT SAID! Now that I've decided to commit to things, I went and ordered a shiny new webcam to replace this old piece of junk PS3 Eye thing I've been using all this time. APOLOGIES IN ADVANCE IF I LOOK AWFUL IN HD.I'll also be looking into expanding my wardrobe to include more sexy things and just generally LOOKING GOOD.Anyway, I've got a few free days coming up so I'mma try to be around on here a little more frequently, especially once I get my new setup worked out. I'M EXCITED. AND TERRIFIED. But mostly (probably) excited.Speaking of terror, I should probably be doing more with that whole Twitter thing too. Never used it before, so if any of you guys have any tips that would be GREAT. Knowing me, I'd just scream into the void about doom and cherry yogurt without any guidance.HUNTER OUT!

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Steve Connolly: Schedule Coming Soon

Hi everyone :). Going to be making a schedule soon for when i come on. Since i can't quite make this a full time job yet, im back to doing carpentry work as well. Should be able to see me Monday through Friday after 4:00pm est, could be at anytime before 11:00 pm.. On weekends will be on when ever possible, most likely in the morning and late night. Can't wait to come play with y'all more ;). Might get a suprise sometime with someone joining me, watch this big dick in action :p. See y'all soon

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Shevon Slick: Love It

this is site is simply amazing am an open person always feel good about myself, and to find out that there is a site that allowed me to get payed for something i enjoy doing is remarkable finding this site is one of the best thing ever happen to me lots of beautiful people and amazing guests some demanding but i got a remedy for them :) and i want to say thank you to all my guest who keep visiting me and supporting me i love you guys very much (K) check out my room and feel free to let me know if am doing something wrong and if i can do something to make it better. feel free to fallow me on twitter ill let you know when am online when am available to have fun ;) and do feel free to check out my flirt phone am available around the clock never to busy for my lovely guest, and ill be starting my own fan club as soon as i reach the requirement which i need the help of my guests to reach that requirement feel free to tip and boost as much as you like that even make the experience much better for you favour me leave your comments and spead the good news of flirt4free to all your friends ;)

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Zane Pierce: Entry #1 5/21/15

This is my first blog entry and I wasn't too sure what to write about so I'm just going to start with the suggestions given to me. I plan on writing one blog post per day from now on so stay tuned and keep your reading eyes sharp. -Tell your fans about your favorite sex toys and what makes them your favorite. -Prostate Butt Plugs are by far my favorite. They tickle my G-spot and intensify my orgasms almost ten fold! I've had countless full-body orgasms from Prostate Butt Plugs.

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Jordan Mac: Starting This New Journey!

Hi, am Jordan Mac I live in Ohio. I really enjoy Baseball, basketball, and working out also learning great new ways to eat healthy. Am a college student and decided to make a little extra cash for my new semester coming up. I never been with a guy all the way thats sounds really hot to me. Am very shy guy so please be patinece with me. Also I don't take my shirt off often. Please respect my boundary for right now.

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Trent Adamms: Hoping to Satisfy

I really am doing this web cam to try out n things with all sorts of new fun people. I want to try out some new role playing and im more interested in someone who already knows what they want,what there fantasies are,though I can help you discover new fantasies id rather you already have a fantasy to do with my sexy self!

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Scott Anthony: First Post Ever

Hey Guys whats up.... This is my very first post. Well I have to say I never say myself doing this in my entire life.... One day my friends told me about this site and told me that i should apply because I have a eight inch dick and a hot body. So i did and here i am. I hope i live up to everyone's exceptions. So thanks for the warm welcome and i hope to see you in one of my shows

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Daunte Valentine: Daunte Valentine

Born and raised in beautiful San Francisco, California. Grew up around athletics, passionately competing collegiately and professionally my entire life.In California, I played american football while pursuing a degree in Marketing. The sport I love lead me to Australia where I decided to become a personal trainer, then a model, professional trainer, and even to stripping at one point in this adventure.My goal is to make your time with me a memory to last a lifetime.Before anything else, you need to stimulate the mind. If you want to have a meaningful conversation, I am here for you. If you want to have a relaxing time I am here for you just the same. Just tell me what you desire in our time together and I can make that happen.I am here for you and to help you through your tough day or maybe help you get off if thats what your in the mood for. People often ask if I have any toys or role play gear so I wanted to address it on here for future reference. I have handcuffs and a whip but they are not with me out here. I am thinking about getting some handcuffs, let me know your thoughts on that.I have always wanted to brighten peoples day and through this platform I am able to do it in a variety of ways. Let Daunte brighten your day. If you want to know anything else don't be afraid to ask! I don't bite, unless you want me to.Daunte Valentine

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Owen Norris: Day One

After my first day, I am impressed at how many people came to visit MW. I had several vigorous conversations between finding my camera and breaking down a chimney with a sledge hammer. Every day is going to be grand and fantastic! As long as I can keep a level head. This is going to be a good day. I am happy to get to talk to some very nice people,and I hope to talk to more in the days coming up. Swords are fun to have, but I want to do more with interactove things. Thinking about adding a loincloth schtick, and that could be a lot of fun for people to watch, dancing in a loincloth. Yes!

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Peter Maverick: Wellcome to My Diary

First day on my Diary,First of all, my name is Peter have 22.5years old on one feet (this is my jokte with my family)I'm average guy 191(6feet3inch )86kg(190lbs)a little pot belly and will try to write my first page on my Diary.I like all kind of music les hard rock, first place is romantic and second is you now dancing music, so when wake up in the morning (in weekend days because from Monday to Friday I work) I open my player and put some music, after that I go to the kitchen and make my coffee or tea depend what kind of day is.So after my coffee I go out in my yard and bring some food to my lovely dog and play with she a lot .About two days ago was my first day on FLIRT4FREE was kind nice , I was speak with a lot of guys , now I see I must reach 10000credits to be on next level ,and yesterday I receive my first tip (10 ) some more to come ,I guess .So I will try to show you what I am , I don't have to many friends because I live in a small town and when you are gay ,you need to not show you this to other ,so that's way I don't have to many because I don't like to lie .About two days ago was my first day on FLIRT4FREE was kind nice , I was speak with a lot of guys , now I see I must reach 10000credits to be on next level ,and yesterday I receive my first tip (10credit ) some more to come ,I guess .Will continue,XoxoxoxPeter

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