Dustin Snow: First Blooog

Well, I'm officially a webcam model now. I gotta say, they made me think my first time on camera was going to be terrifying, but I actually had a lot of fun! Mostly everyone that came into my room was very nice and understanding about it being my first time. A few people even helped me out when I didn't know what I was doing. I'm definitely looking forward to doing more shows and meeting more people on here. I'd probably be on all day if I didn't have work to do. But hey, maybe if I do good enough on here, I can quit that job so you can all see a lot more of me! Wishful thinking, but you never know. I'll definitely be on tonight, probably around 10-11. Hopefully you all won't keep me up until the break of dawn like yesterday, I can't keep going to bed at 7 in the morning! You're all going to make me nocturnal at this rate. Also, I'm really eager to meet new people on here, so don't be afraid to message me and just say hey! I'm always down to make some new friends. Don't worry, my blogs will start getting much more interesting later on. I just wanted to talk about my first day for my first blog since it seemed fitting.

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Max Twink: Fantacy

My fantacy is to be treated like the female in a hardcore porn.lol I am quite a stud with the ladies and im pretty agressive and like to make them feel like what they are. Little cock sluts!I inturn have a secret fetish of switching roles so i can feel what its like to get manhandled like that. I want to were a slutty little outfit and get touched and seduced till im so horny i reach over and start rubbing that cock. I want bend over his knee and my as smacked and sqeezed until i beg to suck that cock!Then i will woship it wagging my bubble but until he tells me to get down on all fours with my ass in the air. I gladly do as im told and he eats and smacks my ass stretching my hole for his enormis cock. All along he calls me names like cock princess, hot slut, and daddies little gurl.The he lubes it up real good and slides it in. Easy at first but when i start to moan, he smacks my ass and starts fucking me so hard:)He pulls me up reverse cowboy and starts using gravity to fuck me hard, long and so fast! Finally he pushes me down and grabs me by the throut. I open my mouth and he covers my face with cum.The whole time its been filmed for my personal use so i can relive over and over again.I take a shower. Man up and go see my girlfriend as if it never happened.One of these days this fantacy will come true.

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Lee Cass: I Won the Lottery!

I won the lottery you GUYS! except.... not really. However, if I were to ever win the lottery, here is how I would spend it.I Would buy myself a simple home on a lot of land. Home security is a good feeling. I also love to decorate and create a comfortable space. I would also make sure my brothers had enough money to help care for their families . I'm all about paying it forward. I would go to EGYPT. I would buy a really old BUG (the car) and repair it to drive.I would probably invest as well. To make sure I would always have a flow of money coming in to keep me comfortable my whole life. I would donate not only my money but now all my free time I would have from not having to work to the ARC. One thing I wouldn't do is gamble again ever!I always thought when I was Younger that my life would be great and I would have whatever I wanted. So I guess hitting the Lottery or winning big at the Casino wouldn't be too shocking. It would simply be a blessing. So I'll keep my high hopes and who knows, one day I may just strike Rich! wouldn't that be fun!

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Tommy Calix: Darn Operating System Updates!

Lol, this flipping operating system is driving me up the wall and through the damn roof! I allow one little update, then bam, I have to reinstall my entire system to get the camera to start working again. Well, after trying for hours to get it working withou a damn nuke n' pave. It is okay though - I did not loose anything that was already lost to that damn virus. But, it is getting a little frustrating trying to stay on-line using Linux operating systems; I wish more people supported free ware! Anyhow, my time spent with my friends yesterday was much needed, got to watch Thomas the tank engine until my friend's little one went to sleep, then we played video games for the rest of the night! Seriously though; George Carlin and Ringo Starr can narrate just as well as Morgan Freeman, lol - I miss George.... It was a good break being able to share food and fun times with people I have barely been able to see recently. I honestly wish I could hangout more, yet I am busy making ends meet; much like they are.Now, I was able to get my camera working tonight. So, time to shower up, eat my dinner, and get on camera! I apologize for not being so consistent. And, because of the recent issues I have had staying on-line, I think it is time to look into getting back on to Windows 8. I should be able to get my recovery disk somehow. And, when I do, I should have no trouble staying in touch with everyone! Not to mention getting back to a familiar operating system environment. Well, time to get back to the show, and to get my sexy-thinking cap on! I hope to make-up for my lost days ;)

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Caleb P: Omg .. Whatever

UGHHHHH so this is a drunk post. But I don't even care....that much. I went out tonight with a friend of mine. I might add, that I have a crush on this friend. I have a crush on most of my friends...but I don't tell them cuz I don't want to make it awkward...and being a black guy in the south, its pretty easy to make it awkward. I really am not attracted to that many people...but I swear in Georgia. As a black guy who likes white guys...it's hard. I mean, I can go out to the club and talk to someone, but you can trust they are not taking me home with them. And I can't do vice versa because I currently live with my mom..although I'm not certain that it would be any different either way. I don't know what I said what my next post would be about. But I'm a little drunk and you are reading this so...I'm gonna spill a bit. I know I am supposed to be happy and shit with all this stuff, but I'm not a generally happy with my life...because everyone I have a crush on is either in a relationship, or simply not interested. I LOVE all of you guys, because you let me know my true potential. If it wasn't for you guys I would be a blob on my bed all day. SERIOUSLY. I just don't know what to do sometimes. I know you guys love me and sometimes even tell me, you don't understand how I don't understand how hot I am. But honestly the people I go after...at least here in Georgia, do not think I am as hot as you guys think I am. But again that is why I need to get the Heck?? out of Georgia :P

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Jordan Dean: Shopping Spree Dream

I just woke up from an intense, realistic dream where I was handed a credit card with no limit from the most attractive silver fox daddy. I'm not a vain asshole where I expect things out of anyone in any sort of relationship but it was a nice change of scenery I'm usually used to...where I end up dating the poorest, saddest low life in the city. I loved the dream because not only was the stranger attractive and sexy, he was genuine and sincere. I love men that can hold themselves up high and have respect for not just themself but for whoever they may be seeing. I think this dream was another indication why I may be on f4f as well, I love to not just be happy but see others enjoying themselves and getting something out of this experience! I plan on devoting as much time as I possibly can and fulfilling dreams for not just myself but for you! I especially loved the part where we made love inside the Barney's store where we shopping, they closed the store just for us and my daddy fucked me thoroughly and completely! I wish this more than anything to happen in real life, so let me know if this is a fantasy of yours or dream of this happening in our next private chats! I'll see you all soon, sorry if I missed any of you tonight, I'll make it up to everyone really soon!

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Trevor Romero: A Life Changing Decision

Well everyone, I have made the decision that I want to try and move to Germany permanently in a few years. Keep in mind, I said a few YEARS, not weeks or months. I learned to speak a little better while I was there, but I never really became genuinely fluent in the language. So first off, that needs to be taken care of, and then I can work on going to live there. I'm sure that one of the seemingly endless amount of Aunts, Uncles and Cousins would be willing to help with that. For now though, I think its time I start working on becoming much more fluent in German, and might even start making it my primary language. Of course I would still speak english when I am online, but I have plenty of family I can practice with, and I'm sure there are a few people in Deutschland who would like to have a conversation that isn't translated with software or in a different language. But this is a decision that is going to take a while to accomplish.But while I am still here in the states, I plan to have a much fun and make as many fun memories, and hopefully a lot more movies, so that way I can take something with me. Maybe I will even leave something worth while behind when I go. Of course I will come back and visit when I can. I would hate to just abandon my family and never see any of them again. I still have time to leave a few noteworthy stories behind in the US, which is something I aim to do. Of course, there is always the chance, knowing me, that I might get carried away and may have to stay away a while before I am allowed back!

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Max Heart: It's All About U!

Ever feel like your not enough. I'm here to say fuck all that and come party in my private show. I'm ready to turn the heat up. There's no where I'd rather be then here for you . Let me ease your mind and give you something to smile about.

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Peter Jay: Internet

well my computer broke this time so ive decided to just go out and have real sex adventure's went to a few bars last weekend, met a few cool chicks who wanted to go have alittle fun, so we ended up at some apartment when to my amazement it looked like a sex toy shop inside, we entered and there were literally dildo's and strap-on's on the walls, it was a interesting sight to see, when we started banging me and the taller one ended up dp'n the other and she loved it, this chick loved anal it drove her crazy, then the other.......she was more playful then the shorter one, the taller one wanted to have foreplay and tease alot, well ill never complain when that happens, then they decided to pull the toys out on me.....needless to say the night went on and on and it was a blast, so a big shoutout to you 2 lovely ladies, call me back anytime but in the meantime ill be right here playing out our fun we had with all these lovely folks, so any questions that arise about that night please ask and i would love to relive them for you all:)

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Stephon Stallion: Wanna Play?

ey Guys!!!!If you aren't doing anything this evening stop in my room for a little chatting and some fun :) i hope to see you all!follow me now on my new twitter account @StephonStallon and I'll follow you back!I am just about to get online in 10 minutes.I LIKE: cumshots, roleplaying, phone in pvt, and just about anything else you can think of!If you havent already checked out the new fan clubs! please do they are really neat and have many benefits such as 5% off vods and pvt shows with the model youve joined the club with.nnmy personel page there will be tons of exclusive member only photos and hot hot videos, and one special cumshow so dont delay and sign up today !www.StephonStallion.comalso do not forget the wishlist and check out the hot items i have up that we could have some fun with!I am here to offer you anything that you are into, if it isn't listed in my likes, be sure to tell me and we can make it happen for you the way you want it!!!!!As always email me anytime you please to just chat or setup a personel 1-1 session of your choice, I am free most of the time and can accomadate just about anything!Thanks guys! & Hope to see you soon.Stephon xoxoxo

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