Reginald Valjohnson: Working

Damn i love doing this. i get to please so many people. In more ways than one. My experience has been amazing. meeting people that have the same interests as i do. I love to make everyone happy. I mean make everyone feel good on the inside and out. Like i keep saying i aim to please. I hope ive been pleasing everyone as much as they have been pleasing me.

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Carlos Ryan: Hmmmm Look Wat I Done Started !!

This Blog Is My First Blog .. Im Really Worried Bout Friends TO See Me Or Fam That Might See Me .. But Im Grown An Can Care What ANyone Thinks IF im Doing The Things I Do TO BEtter Me .. I Dont MInd Showin Skin ON Cam Niether Should U !! I Like THe Postive Side To This Meetin Alot People An Secertly Buildin A Fan Base !! .. So Really Saying Love Who Support An FUCK WHO DONT !!

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Chris Rome: Sick with Flu

Hi guys!Today I woke up with a terrible headache, probably I got the flu. Then I'm gonna stay home the whole day. It's ok, as I have a lot of things to do home, and I can always be on cam...Anyway I'm planning to make some home gym, cook something good and healthy as I always do and make some laundry... I wish there was somebody to help me...lolI wan checking some sex toys on the internet... I really want a new harness, a dildo and a butt plug... Xmas time is just so close... wish somebody will buy them for me as a present...I want the harness because I really want to go to La Demence for New Year's Eve, and i want to look at my best with a new harness and some hot leather shorts... what'you going to do for Xmas and New Year holidays. If you're planning to come visit Italy, let me know, I'll be your guide through the eternal city...There are so many things to do here in Rome, so many museums to visit, amazing parties, and of course lots of hot guys...Actually I would like to go to New York for Christmas. I've never been there and I wish someday I can visit the Big Apple...well guys, enough for now... gonna have lunch and then be back broadcasting.xoxo Chris

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Titan Bently: What a Weird Day

so today i was downtown having lunch and i met a couple and the girls bf was talking to me they ended up comming back to my apt and his gf watched as we fucked around un fucking real hope tomorrow turns out similar it was exciting

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Jude Cox: Small Time-off!

I haven't been able to get on the past couple of days, or week rather, as my friend William was in town visiting from FL. I'll hopefully be back on very soon and look forward to seeing you all! He leaves Wednesday ;]

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Conor Mccoy: Awesome First Real Private Show!!!

So Im obviously very new to this site... well today I had an Awesome guy by the name of "GenerousFag". I dont want to give away to much lol but I think I may just have my very own Slave. I never thought I would actually say that but after covering and being flattered... it was really awesome. I do enjoy this very much and hope to meet people such as him more often. If you ever read this GF Thank you so much for everything!!!

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James Zane: New to Camming:)

so im new to camming just started been going for about a week now and ive had quite abit of funn but still not entirely sure how im liking it need someone to come in aand tell me things they wanna see im still kinda reserved and what like someone to come tip or boost me and say i wanna see this now like thats my biggest thing is wondering what you guys wanna see tell me about it and lets see if e can break me out of the shell im not too out going when im new at something takes me awhile of getting comfortable with it so let me know what youd like to see from james guys and ill let you know what i think about it and we can try to make it happen ill never know if u dont tell me wat to show :P what do you guys think would like to make a good model but not sure how to go about it so what you say guys help a newbie out maybe put me up somewhere relative to my mentor those of you that know him lol and remember guys never hurts to ask anything and that everything does have a price lol :P

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Adam Wills: Injury

Hi everyone, Sad topic for my first blog post but I'm writing quickly to let you know (if you haven't seen my Twitter feed @f4f_adamwills) that I'm not going to be online for about another week (at least) due to an injury (firefighting efforts gone awry).I hope to be back soon, but until then I'm going to try to post a few nice photos to keep you all going.--Adam

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Dylan Daniels: Long Day at Work

Uggghh. I spent way too much time at work today, so I am spent and need to go to bed. Which is shame because I was looking forward to hanging with ya'll. How about a morning show? Saturday morning coffee with Dylan! I am gonna be in lazying around gear sipping on some coffee and hopefully chatting with you fine people. I hope to you see you there!

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Aston Vanquished: Boring Day

well, last nightI didn't get much sleep at all. actually I didn't sleep for even a minute. I was awake all night long. I took a 5 hour energy and that kept me awake. I went to be at 9am and slept till 4pm. then I got up, played with Gretchen (my cat) and then ordered some wings from my favorite pizza place. I still have some in the fridge right now to be honest. I ate the buffalo ones and now I have stomach burn lol. It's annoying. Anyways, my life is kind of boring as hell right now so I don't know what to do. I just chillax all day. I'm hoping to get this new job I applied for.. I'll be a waiter. I like meeting new people so that would be an awesome job for me. It's currently 11:38pm and Im not even tired. why? cause my sleeping schedule is FUCKED.I need to go to the store to buy some cat food. Gretchen ate chicken wings today with me. I should be cleaning right now I guess but my body doesn't want to move. I have sweet tea and that's the only thing that's keeping me smiling :)

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