Jessie Rhoades: My Ultimate Dream Honeymoon with an Unlimited Budget.

My ultimate dream honeymoon would have to be a European expedition. I would love to spend a few weeks backpacking the historic land, seeing the beautiful views, and experiencing the culture from which my country was brought from. At night, I'd love to just stay up late, drinking wine and talking to whomever it may be that I spend the rest of my life with about the most ridiculous things. I like to think that with whomever it is, that I can be the funny, nervous, and excitable person I am. Maybe try new 'fun' things to do to spice up our night.

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Tyler Troy: Getting into This!

Hey guys,I am working on getting into this full swing. I hope to be with my boys at least two times a week! I really appreciate the reviews I have gotten and certainly love hearing from you all. It makes things much easier. I set up the flirt phone this evening and would love to try it out with some of you soon. I will also be making improvements to my connection this week to see if I can't improve the video quality for everyone. I hope to soon have a few more pictures up, maybe of a professional quality. I hope to hear from you soon! Tyler (Master, for those of you that have earned the right to call me that)

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Brian Glen: Bottom or Top

So I get notified that I am in the bottom 49%, great. The perks kick in when you are in the top 50%. So 1 point stands between me being a top or a bottom. Im satisfied with making up the chain as quick as I have. Thanks to die hard followers..

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Crhistian & Dereckk & Coby Ralf & Adam Mills: The Biggest Show

Well guys, let's us to tell you shomething, something special that we are sure that you will love a lot. Today we are going to do the biggest show for each of you guys, a show that you will never forget, because we will be here in our site doing the best that we know do and this is give you the hottiest and horny moments that you have seen. Well guys, today we are going to do a role play and this is about.... dominations yes guys as you can read domination, strong, hurt, pain and the most important a lot of pleasure but this is not all, also we are going to play with painting yes guys drawing our sexy and hot body, touching our body parts but to be honest there is something that you hava to take into account and this is we wanto to make you happy because we are sure that you deserve it. So guys don't forget that we will be waiting for you here so come in find us and let's have fun.

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Marcus Grand: Hello World Lol

I would just like to start by saying my name is Marcus Grand. I prefer to just go by Grand if you will. Thank you. Next Thank you for your time and your company on line it is always a pleasure to be a part of someones reality, life in what ever form it is and or time. Many don't or wont know me but I hope that those that do enjoy their Grand occasion. Here's is a little background about me starting with my name. Grand, I was once told during sex that I was a artist and she needed me to paint her walls....I laughed and said Her walls would become something like a masterpiece, a work of art. Grand Occasion. Aint that Grand. Full of myself no..Just confident in what I can do to you body.....Sincerely M. Grand

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Arman D: …

Today I woke up and realized that the madly want spat.I not come in an hour at a time in which the custom enter. The weather was not very welcoming as for me, the wind is strong and cold, the sun was almost no. Not quite the weather when you talk about the summer time. But after a couple of hours, I still woke up and went for an hour to chat. And as I thought it was not crowned with success. People almost was not, and those that were, were not able to help me. That's how I spent my morning.

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Dillen Mcfate: Post #1

Hey all wanted to check in with you all and let you know I will be doing alive show tonight . Its an amazing day here in San Diego, Thought I'd take advantage of the sun and go to the amazing NUDE beach today and catch some sun. If your ever here in San Diego, go to Blacks Beach and see all the naked guys.....hee hee

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Jimmy Chester: Football and Fantasy Football

Anyone else play fantasy football. Its that time of the year and my favorite player is suspended the first 4 games of the season. My fantasy football line-up is going to be a mess and honestly I dont' even want to watch football if TB12 isn't playing. I think i'll need something else to keep me busy for the first 4 sundays! ;)

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Hampton Taylor: A Long Time Away…

I just remembered how good of a time I had on this site. Going up in rank fast was one very pleasing aspect. I grew up a bit, finished college, made a hell of a ride of it so far and now here in Vallejo, CA. Probably going back to San Francisco though, was such a beautiful place to live, and lots of horny/hung dudes ha!I may be a bit older, but nonetheless, more attractive than ever. I take FinDom most seriously, if there are any good slaves out there ;) Yea you buddy.. lolLet's get this show rollin' again, have a blast, and cum amazing loads together!

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Shamar: Do Not Let the "milk" Let It Go to Your Head!

Haha it is a popular saying, but very true, from my humble point of view, I realized through experience as a man, who as the "dust" makes you older, increases your anxiety, and this can lead us to commit many follies, those crazy things that I want you to imagine in applying them to me, no matter how many times you masturbate in the day, if every you do you have a reason, someone who also this wanting him like you, in this case. ï, And there is nothing more delicious to enjoy in the comfort of your home, this was a little reflection I hope you decide to say hello and even register if you do not !! Hugs.

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