Julian Starr: Lottery Win

Hello every one, i am Julian and today i am speeking about money, i know every body love's money and i want to imagine that today i have won the lottery money prize, so let's start the story.Yesterday i have put a ticket at lottery with hope to win and today when they poste the result's i was more than happy and i went to pick up the prize. After pick up the prize i went to the mall to buy some things, the best phone, cool clothes and a new fancy car.I keep alot of money cuz i want to go to a cruising with the boat, and for that i need alot of money, but i think i have enough money so i went to do some shoping for christmas for my family. Those money came at the right moment when i was needing the most and i am very very happy that this happened. So the cruising day arrived and i went to the boat, i have spent allot of money on this cruizing but it worth it.So that's all for today folks, we will meet tomorow with another great story spoked by me, till then i salute you. Kiss

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Chris Landers & Zack Edwards: The Plot Thickens

The most interesting thing happened this morning already. Woke up to Chris knocking at the door. Him and his wife got into over some text messages or facebook messages. So she threw him out of the house. Thank god they weren't text from me. Of course I told him he could stay here as long as he wanted. This will make it a lot easier to get on here. Now if we could just get my wife out of the way we wouldn't have to sneak around. But it is what it is. Had a great time with you guys last night as always; and of course we had some trouble makers in the room. I guess some people are just really bored. Now that they rained has moved out; the sun is shining bright here but cool. Not laying out weather. Oh well; I guess I need to take a break from the sun anyways. Don't want to get too dark. Keep the messages coming and we will reply; sometimes it takes us a while to get to all of them; but we promise we will. We will try to get on today. If there is a specific time you would like us to do a show; just send us a message and we will try to schedule that time just for you.LaterZack

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Lucky Hill: My Dick and Ass Throbbing

so my Tight warm wet juicy lucky charm tasting ass has been begging for the past 7 months to be filled with big cocks, to have my ass hole pounded with no remorse, to be Daddy's little cum dump, lil slut, little fag bitch. To obey Daddy's word and everything he says, To gagged on his dick if he says soo, let him face fuck me til I turn red in the red, and grasping for air, to be tied up and have my ass spanked hard with a belt, paddle, whip, and hands, to have my ass hole dug out with his tongue, toys, dick, fingers, bondage toys, you have daddy cum in my mouth, all over my face, cum in my ass, cum on my ass push his dick back in and dig deeper until he goes soft, to rough me up, fuck me as rough as he can, then ask daddy to invite his friends over to gangbang my ass, and have them all cum in my mouth ass on my face and swallow all of it, then to have daddy and his friends to enjoy watersports all over me and in my mouth, but his and his friends lil slut bitch ass boy. I would love to have 2 daddys, one white daddy and his friends, and one black daddy with all his bbc friends

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Adrian Hunter: First Love….

My first love moved to another country when we were 16. They told me it was just "puppy love" and I would soon forget about the person, but I never did. We communicated for two years after he migrated but lost communication due to heavier school load, family problems, and just growing up. I met new people that came into my life, and moved on. But I knew that that person would always be special to me. I missed him every day since the day we stopped communicating, so whenever I got the chance I tried to look for him on the internet.A few more years went by and I discovered "The Secret," and there was a part there about communicating with old friends. So I thought long and hard how I could use that with the said person. Months later, during my birthday, he e-mailed me a long message saying happy birthday and asking how I have been for the past few years. That really shocked me, and that was the first proof that The Secret worked. I was overwhelmed by the happiness I felt when he started to communicate with me again, so I instantly replied to his letter, but unfortunately he wasn't able to reply for some months after that. Then I was ranting to my friend how he never replied to me after my birthday and how he didn't fulfill his promises of coming home last December. I thought of The Secret once again, and the next day to my surprise he tweeted me and said sorry he wasn't able to come home but he will try again in November 2010. Nothing is set in stone since they are pretty busy there, but from then on we started communicating again as friends and my faith in "The Secret" has never been this strong.

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Stu Higgo: Its Tuesday!

One day to go and im off for two days , you know what that means boys , more time to play! really wanna let my hair down and let it all hang out , whos up for that just finished a show and still got a full load to pump ! get in touch guys and let me know what you like what you would like to see me do , any fetishes or fantasies you would like to see , im very open minded and up for anything and also looking for meets , im on sleepyboys escort site also so chat to me on cam and maybe can get to know each other better intimately :)

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Mark Andre: Chest Training

Hello boys and girls!Lets start with the chest. An optimal and above all effective chest workout designed from various exercises help muscle growth and bring the chest muscle to grow. For each of completing his training at home, I declare here 5 good exercises that are executable with two dumbbells or a barbell and get really good results for the muscle building!1.Bench press on flat benchThe classic exercises for effective and optimal chest workout is the flat bench press for building muscle at home. The whole chest is effectively trained, while the triceps are also experiencing stress and is trained. In the flat bench press for chest training is to ensure that the exercise for the chest is performed correctly and concentrated. The arms may not be fully stretched and the upper point should be kept for about a second. The two dumbbells are then until shortly before the breast drained by the chest muscle to properly train and not leave the load on the shoulder.2.Bench press on the incline benchThe first exercise for the chest workout at home should optimally be the inclined bench press, because this exercise for building muscle of the pectoral muscle holistically best trains the chest muscle.At the beginning of the training is the most power for this exercise is available, which is why is possible to achieve the best results. To optimally should train to the chest ,the arms do not stretch all the way up and only be removed until just before the breast so that the breast muscle during the entire chest workout remains under tension.3.Dumbbell Flying on the flat benchFor best chest workout at home, the dumbbell are flying on the incline bench excellent. This exercise train the chest muscles again to the limit. The arms are bent slightly and left side of your body down and brought together again at the top. This exercise for the chest workout is the butterfly, which is carried out on the machine ,very similar and can not be ignored in a workout at home. This exercise for the chest muscle training and muscle building can be used at the end of training as the last exercise for the chest muscles in the correct orientation.4.Dumbbell Flying on the incline benchAs with the sloping bench press for chest training here is obliquely running variant for chest training, the exercising the pectoral muscles more effectively than the exercise on the flat bench for chest training. The arms are bent and how to merge the butterfly for chest training. Hold the dumbbells at the top spot briefly and condescend slowly. Should be to support muscle building maximum this exercise be performed on the chest workout properly and slowly around the muscle to exercise effectively.5.Dumbbell coating on the flat benchThis exercise covers the dumbbell is again properly during chest training around the chest from exercising. The barbell is placed only on the belly and then grasped from below with both hands and left with nearly outstretched arms back over your head down. Because of the slow wind up the dumbbell chest muscle during chest training is put into optimal voltage and is trained in a very different way than other exercises and encouraged to build muscle. All the exercises you should first eliminate too much weight to run to get to know the proper technique and execution.Mark Andre

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Jungle Fuckers

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A compilation movie with 12 hot big dick young multiracial men performing in 6 steamy deep fuck drilling scenes filmed in jungle of Brazil from past movies made by Alexander Pictures!

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Skyler Pierce: Welcome Home Cody!

Hey guys as you probably know by now my name is Cody. i have been stalling putting up my bio but i promise you it will all be finished this week :) ill be on vid chat in less than 24 hours :)speak to ya soon! :)

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Lucas Reed: Hey

hey I am sitting here watching tv and enjoying myself I am going to be on here preforming in little bit and I hope to see you in my chat room. please come by and see me and we will have some fun I love to take requests and get good response for my customers. I like to give you my time and special dance for you. so come on down and let me give you a little. I want to give you the time of your life and show you what life is about and give u a happy feeling. IF you want to talk to me on my phone just go on my bio and left click on my flirt phone and you can talk to me about anything you want I am god at listening and talking sex to you. I will talk about your day or we can talk about something else like what I could do to you if you were here with me laying in bed. so give me a chance and let me have your mind and let me give you the talk of your life. Please check out my twitter account and leave me comment @lucas_reed.

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Mark Casper: You Are My Inspiration!

Hi guys, what do you do if you made a mistake, which may influence your future . I think it's very important to stand up for his errors and to talk to his partner about it and try with this error to vacate . I've learned in the past, it is always important to stand up for his errors and I have also noticed that the partner is indeed the first moment sting was sour and that too with right, but he also return a caught yet again stood by me . he is not the human running at problems continued , but the thing is through with me. this I expect him to high. why I write this is that I keep getting with how people separate after so many years suddenly common because there is a problem. if one really is at the other something , then you should not only see well with him in life, no one should stand straight even in bad times to his partner , and I know that the welded a relationship together and really a good chance until for life passing through to halten.ich am for so many things and for many years I lived with him gratefully. it is the human who has been wanting me to my happiness in life . I hope and wish each person in this world such a good soul at his side. and should it come to a problem- really times , remember that you already have experienced better part of life . the everyday will hold sooner or later in every relationship detail. the benefit that is worth that you feel about him partner by your side , you know him already and he .so my dear friends, I wish you a nice time . what makes it.yourMark Casper...

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