Don Diesel: What Turns Me on the Most

This may a shocker to a lot but it's what gets me .. Number one thing I'm attracted to is a dancer , one that's great at dancing and had the Body of a dancer, I grew up in Oregon so a white city or coutry girl is of course what I'm attracted to , but a thick athletic girl with a freaky attitude omg , I'm sold. I love shy people, I'm shy myself , very . But far far far from that in the bedroom. A hole nother person.. So if your beautiful, and can handle my body :) you should totally contact me., breast size doesn't matter , sexual oritation doesn't matter either . I live sex. I'mGreat at it. And I only have it with myself till I find the perfect fuck partner .. ;) but it's ok.. U can watch :D

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Eli Jr: Perfect Vacation and Sex Spot

I was thinking about where I would want to go if I could afford a 10 day vacation right now... I think I would go to the Bahamas. I have been to Atlantis on Paradise Island before and it was great. The weather was perfect and I loved everything there was to do there. Its a bit too pricey to go to Atlantis without unlimited money again though so I would stay at one of the places in Nassau, Bahamas. I'd definitely go diving again with sharks at the reef with the great people at Stuart's Cove Diving. They are the best divers group I have found there. In case everyone doesn't already know I am very interested in Marine Biology. Specifically I enjoy learning about corals, marine fish and invertebrate. There is plenty of places to go at night time there also if you dont want to just chill at your resort. There is a place for everyone. The casino, clubs, restaurants, your friendly neighborhood "guy" that you can see for certain items... The best part is waking up and seeing that bright sunny day with a clear ocean view. That is why this is my favorite sex vacation spot :)

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Brent Duke: Lights Camera Action

hi guys 2 weeks to go till my thai vacation, this day 2 weeks i will be jetting off from ireland to paris and paris to thailand for a 3 week holiday so cant wait looking forward o it so much excited non the less, im really sorry that the last week i have not been online,i had a few family issuses to sort out here in ireland,a very close family member of mine recently passed away quiet tragically, my uncle died and had to be there for my mom, and help with funeral arrangments, as he had no family of hes own, he only had mam, so gave mom a hand with doing what had to be done, from getting the plot sorted to picking the casket, to flowers and what cermon, quiet stressful if you ask me, but it had to be done, he got a beautiful send off in the end, was laid to rest with hes wife and son, my aunt and cousin, and i got him a beautiful wreath in the shape of the titanic with the word UNCLE on it, as like me he was a titanic nut :) but i am back now and ready for action and will beonline tonight for a few hours, and in doing so i hope to get in some shows, so untill thenlove huggs and kisses brent duke ireland

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Steve Banners: Day 1

So Day 1, I didn't go live today i spent the day managing my profile and learning more about the site. I guess I'm the newest greenhorn to grace this wonderful career industry.So i like it and it will absolutely be a change to see how i do in this career choice..

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Alexis Fatale: Full Chat Room, No Chat?

Its hard to deny the fact that I enjoy being on cam, half naked most of the time playing with my junk for people who want to watch me do such things to myself. I believe that we all who are on cam enjoy being exhibitionists and frankly it doesn't bother me one bit to have a large audience, in fact it gets me going. However, I've come to absolutely despise the fact that I may be sitting on cam doing my thing in front of some 30+ people in the chat room, and yet all these people who have been sitting there for almost half an hour have not said a thing. How interesting could it possibly be to just sit there and watch me? Its gotten to the point that after some 20 minutes of no chat I've even just started texting back and forth with people. I'll get so engaged in my text convo that upwards of 5 minutes may pass and yet the same people who have been silent for 20 some minutes are still there, still silent, and still just watching me go on with my daily texting conversations. I'll end this with a word to our viewers; yes, we are here for your pleasure but please don't forget that customers make us wanna come back and do it all over again, your interaction is crucial.

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Jake Porter & Dax Cohen: Sunday Morning Release

Hello everyone! Happy Tuesday to you all. Hope everyone's week is going well so far. Dax and I have been very busy recently. We're finding that there just aren't enough hours in the day to get everything done! Oh well. At least we still find time to sneak in some fun. Sunday morning was particularly enjoyable. It was about 7 in the morning, when I felt Dax begin to stir in bed beside me. I was still very sleepy and wanted another half hour or so of rest, but he had other ideas! I always wake up in the morning with a hard cock, and this morning was no exception. As I was drifting in and out of sleep I suddenly felt a tongue swirling around my cockhead. It was not an unfamiliar feeling. I knew Dax was awake, horny and wanting my dick! He eagerly worked his tongue up and down my shaft for a few minutes before completely engulfing my member in his warm, wet mouth. No one gives a bj like Dax, and this morning he was in top form. He sucked me for what felt like forever, expertly working my dick with his tongue and mouth. My hands found there way to the back of his head, and gently pushed him down until he completely swallowed my dick. I love it when I get to fuck his throat. Looking down at his nose buried in my hair and his chin resting on my balls, I knew I wouldn't last much longer. "I'm gonna cum," I moaned, and Dax stayed on my cock like a vacuum. I shot a huge load for what felt like minutes. It felt AMAZING. Dax swallowed it all like a champ and didn't spill a drop. He expertly cleaned up my softening yet still huge dick with his tongue, while I came back down to earth. When I finally opened my eyes, Dax was right on top of me, face to face. He kissed me deeply and then looked down at me. With a giant grin he said, "good morning!" That's my Dax: he knows how to start my day off right!Jake

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Eric Godin: My First Day

So todays my first day going on cam here! and im really excited! i'm hoping to create a fan base, so if you do like what you see please don't forget to like, an follow me for future shows! if you have any requests please dont be afraid to tell me, im a very open person, i absoulutly love chatting with people from around around the world, but sex also comes to me as a second nature, so im here for a good time just like everybody else, and im just a regular guy so dont be afraid to treat me like that. thanks and happy chatting!

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Antonio Dulce: Guest Users Blocked.

Today I had to do something I did not think I would and that, as you can easily presume from the title of my post, is temporarily block guest users from chatting with me during my broadcast. I would have preferred that they have just as much opportunity to talk with me as anyone else but I have found them to be rather distracting for the most part and other than just filling up the empty space between performances, for now, I feel that they do not contribute much to the show. I'm not sure how long I will keep the ban in place but it feels appropriate as I work to focus my attention on the users who are more serious about enjoying the site and it's models, namely the VIP and Premium members. Maybe within a few shows I will allow the guests to participate in my room again... we'll just have to wait and see how it evolves. I have had the experience of more than a few admirers who bring in a positive energy during the low tides. But for now it just doesn't seem worth it. Hopefully, I won't have to do the same thing with basic users. The thought has momentarily crossed my mind, but we're not quite there yet. Maybe that will be tomorrow's post. Just kidding! Sort of.

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Austin Heart: My Fav Passtime; Other Than Sex ;)

Everyone knows I am a SEX ADDICT! Okay there can be worse things to be addicted too, right? I love sexy people. I love romantic/sexy adventures and nights ;) I love XXX fun with groups! There is a list and most of them are sexy ;) MY FAVORITE PASSTIME? Now it might not be "sexy" to everyone but things that get adrenaline or your heart pumping ;) those things are just as sexy if not more too me. My cock is getting hard just thinking about jumping out of some kind of aerial vehicle! Yes, that is what I said, THE SEXIEST AND MY FAVORITE PASSTIME is jumping out of helicopters and planes! Some call it skydiving(civilians) but to us in th military or who have been in the military and have experienced a "HALO" jump; it's not just a hobby or some way to knock something off the "bucket list"; it is EVERYTHING! Now that I am a "civilian" now and no longer active my jumps aren't for the same reason or landing in such HOSTILE AREAS but it is EVERYTHING. Everything in that NOTHING ELSE compares as far as adrenaline, excitement, adventure, thrill and SEXINESS! Yes, SEXINESS< there is nothing like strapping up pulling those cords around your balls and knowing that's YOU ARE PUSHING THE LIMITS OF THE HUMAN ABILITY! I love pushing my abilities in bed , in life, in love BUT nothing pushes like you ability than FALLING FROM 10,000 FEET IN THE SKY! Humans don't fly, we aren't created to fall out of the sky, WE CAN'T FLY; Humans are not meant for this but as AMAZING PEOPLE we push our limits of the human ability everyday and nothing pushes me or drives my adrenaline like taking a BACKFLIP OUT OF A PLANE AT XXX-THOUSAND FEET ;) *MWAH* WANNA JUMP WITH ME???

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John Smokey: First

you know when i first started camming i thought maybe it would make me and my girlfriends sexual intimate moments alot fewer and the spark and passion to be hard to find but i think it may actually have done the reverse and made it that much better more intense and sensual after getting horny for others all day long its pretty funny actually i have had screamers and squirters but my favorite is when you fuck a girl so hard and deep she feels it in here stomach and runs from the dick and looks like she got a baseball bat to her back and feel out of doggy style that is the best !!! nothing can beat that when she gets her insides stretched so hard and intense she cant even stand it and falls over now that is fucking if it isn't than I don't know what the hell is ahhahha :) anyways thought I would share some thoughts for the night and give you guys some extra special details of having a huge cock that beats the shit out of someones insides and gives them just about all the pleasure there lil sexy body can handle ;) one word amazing!!

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