Keith Hardy: First Couple Weeks on Cam

Hey all, just wanted to mention my first couple weeks on web cam. This is something I have always had an interest in doing and finally a good friend pushed me into it! The experiences have been AWESOME so far, and I met some great people on here. I still have some things to learn and have learned somethings along the way. I enjoy sex and interacting with other people that desire the same and who just like to sometimes talk. I find myself looking to forward to getting on cam so I can flirt with you all! If you have any suggestions please let me know!!!

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Chris Rowe: What I Love

My english is a little bad , so good luck.First of all , i love the life , very very much , i think to much and that is not a good think i guess. Second think , i love me , not everyday , but.. it's ok , i try to do the best. In the main , i love what's beautiful , a lovely gentlman or a crazy lover , or a big but girl when i;m drunk. Oh , yeah , i love to drink , i forgot , drinks , music , good people , something special to smoke , all inclusive for me , i like to spend my time in the middle of a party i must say. Anyway , i i like to spend my money with thinks that make me happy , i think it's something good , i don't know. Well , so i like to party , i like the gentlmans and the big but girls , and i love to relax , i forgot that special think. Commonly , i like to have a full day , i'm away from bored thinks.So , that's it with what i like. I hope you will join me soon to have a great time with Mr. Party , and to tell me what you like , i love to talk about that subject.Finally i finish that , hope you like what i read , if you don't let me know and i will delete this.Thank you all for your attention and sorry again for my bad english.See you , i must go to a party , bye !

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Blake Tyler: Welcome Guys!

First of all, let me say hi to everyone out there!!As you can see, I'm new to Flirt4Free and probably not the kind of model you will expect to see.I am hairy bear/cub with a bigger physique (AND I LOVE IT!!!)I'm a very down to earth guy, who is always up for a casual light hearted chat or more, it just depends on how you feel right?!If I'm not replying very quickly or it looks like im having trouble on working things out, it is because I am! lolPlease bear with me whilst I get used to all these features etc.I look forward to seeing you all soon, until then, peace out!! xx

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Justin Allenn: New Video Uploaded

Hello Guys! how are you? it's great to have so many fan here! today i've earned the badge for 100 people who insert me in our favorites! Thank You!!!For say thank you for that i've just uploaded a new video in my new, shiny fanclub!If you're not in already, just go and join now! I'm awaiting for you there with a lot of kinky content only for you...Justin

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Werner Fit: Hi, Dude

How are you?Today so wet on the street (I do not like autumn. I love summer. When the warm breeze touches my skin everywhere;)And I can swim without trunks, completely naked ...How do you schiatesh? That's better?)

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Eric Weiss: I Missed Yesterdays Entry!!

Sorry guys, I had some plumbing issues yesterday that caused me to be offline, everything has been fixed now, so we should be smooth sailing :) Q: What super hero power would you want if you could have any special power?A: I would have to choose Invisibility, I have always wanted to be able to do whatever I want whenever I want, to see things, I otherwise wouldn't be able to.No news on the Camaro today :(

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Allen Cole: Veterans Day Promotion!

Veterans DayHey guys!Allen here, just wanted to let you know about my first big promotion/contest/charity cam-o-thon on Flirt4Free. This Wednesday, Veterans Day, I will be online from 12am EST till 10am EST, and 5pm EST till midnight, taking a break only to work at my other job and come right back online. A lot of things to note:Allen Cole's "Service yourself AND a serviceman" charity pledge:In honor of and with respect to serviceman both active and retired,10% of all VOD/Private shows/Tips earned on Veterans day will be directly donated to the charity "Homes for our Troops" which aims to build mortgage-free, specially adapted homes nationwide for severely injured Veterans Post-9/11 to enable them to rebuild their lives. Additionally, Flirt4Free is running a Veterans day contest with the top 5 male and female models each winning $500. If I fall within the top 5 for the contest, I will donate an additional 20% of those winnings to the aforementioned charity. For the sake of transparency, I will record and upload the processing of the donations.In addition, I will be running a contest for the top 3 guests of the day, based entirely on credits from all venues (tips/VODs and private chats). The top 3 lucky guys or gals will each get a choice of either a free 20 minute private chat, a 10 minute custom video clip, or a free month of fan club membership, with 1st place getting all 3!VODs are priced to sell at 50% off for the duration of the day as well, and will go in effect for 24 hours starting at 12PM EST.Last but not least, a deal (located on my profile under the "Model Deal" tab) will be in effect for the duration of the day offering 5 free minutes of private chat for every 11 purchased (To commemorate the end of World War 1, on the 11th hour, on the 11th day of the 11th month - for my history buffs ;) ).I'm looking forward to participating in and winning this contest, but I cant do it without your support! Im looking forward to seeing all of you throughout the course of the day, crushing this contest, and giving back to Vets who have given us so much!Allen

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Tommy Preston: Have Not Logged On.

So sorry everyone that I have not logged on recently. I always try my best but recently I've been so busy with class and other activities that I haven't had the opportunity to be here. Hopefully this will change soon and I will be able to share more moments with yall.

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Ario Dante: Musings of a New Cam Performer

So it's day three of camming. I'm actually on cam right now. Typical camming session so far, deathly quiet room sprinkled with visitors from around the globe. I'm still deciding what the fuck I'm doing here. Thus far I jerked off for $90 bucks, got verbally attacked and insulted by way, way more people than I actually anticipated I would, and ended up talking to myself about Bach. No, not quite what I had envisioned or imagined this experience to be. But it's been what it has been. Not sure yet if I'l allow it to be anything else.

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Dean Keller: A New Chapter

So I am fairly new and love making new friends from all over. I love talking to anyone who wants to listen. Listening to other and hear their wildest and craziest stories totally turn me on.....Lets take this road together and see what kind of mischief we can get into along the way ;-)

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