Sweet Johny: Hello Everyone Who Like Me

My first blog:)Today my day aren't roses .But i m very strong guy .no matter what happen i can survive all. i believe in my power and heart . With my girl friend is too all stupid . She want married with me . I love she but she have 2 faces . 1 time is sweet but in other moment is how crazy chicken who do not know what to do . Life is very hard . You are first who can hear my feelings . i m silent type when i must speak about my feelings . But it is normal . how kiddays was all very hard . i was very young my father suicide . i find he in bathroom . The worst thing was I had heard how suffocated . And me was only smiling ..... I did not know what was going on there.sorry for my unhappy diary . It felt good to say

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Jon Everett: Summer Break!

Ready to have a relaxing summer vacation from school! I can't wait to relax by the pool and catch a tan. Actually, it seems like it's already half over. How is it that summer seems to go by so quickly? Well I hope that all of you are having a great summer too! Although, I'm sure plenty of you still have to work full time, which is no fun. I'm still working my day job too. But, I don't make much money at all haha. Maybe if enough people come and watch my show I'll quit. That'll be the day, right? I'll sit by the pool all day and drink beer and then come home and get on cam. Still, that's all you ever want to do till you do it. And then you do it and you go out of your mind with boredom! It's funny how hard it is to figure out what it is we really want. I guess we spend too much time distracted by work, or television or the internet or whatever and we don't really think about what's going on on the inside. Man I can't go anywhere without my phone anymore it seems. I just don't even know what to do with my hands. I'm afraid I'll end this summer with a phone shaped tan line on my chest!

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Staar Tony: Staar-tony

Wud up guys, S.Tony here, Ive missed you guys its the 3rd and my first day back Thank you every one who shows me LOVE with credits if your catching me online say hellow don't just sit there Let me know what I can do for you too fell good, I want you to fell good. Let me be the one your express your sexual fellings with let me help you CUM ..NO! LET ME MAKE YOU CUM.

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Levi Jordan: Just Broke My Arse Virginity

Finally today i managed to break that tight little arse of mine open. I guess i knew when i joined this site that someone would eventually ask me to stick a dildo up my arse so me being brave went for a 7". Ive got to say it felt as every bit of good as i thought it would. It was a struggle but the feeling was amazing. I've only ever taken a finger up there before so you could say im feeling pretty damn horny, dirty and pleased with myself. I cannot wait til someone takes me pvt again. I knew it would be good but now i just want more, it was fucking amazing. Got a sore arse now but it was well worth it. Who is coming for sloppy seconds? I promise you the best time, i've always been a giver but got to say i'm more than happy to be a taker, Having the time of my life on this site. Beats any site i've ever been on. I love you guys and gals. Come into my room and let's get chatting, im dying to get to know you better and find out what turns you on. Take me pvt and let's find out each others secrets xxx

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Adam Foxxx: Tonight Show Time

Ladies and gentlemen I have a treat tonight. I will be online from 10 pm till 130am and I will be wearing 1 of 3 sexy costumes. Military. Construction. Or sharp dressed man. Stay tuned for this 9 inch monster cock !

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Angelo P: Yeah

one night returning from a meeting with the boy that there was no wave, so it was quite hot, as to a time my life were just straws. in the way it occurs to me come near to a city park where there is a fairly busy bathroom. no one was entering, so I stayed a moment there using the bathroom, but just made ;my dick go were to overlap a lot, therefore I had trouble peeing. A moment later entered a kind of a treita and many who approached me and I take the cock with his hand, and immediately began to suck me with a desire almost vampire, both I and the we were desperate, he was eating good whole cock and nor had seen his face! are licked and sucked up the eggs. then entered another man who, by the way you walk, I was pretty. seeing such a good show willtake out the cock out and held for the first suck us both. thereupon, the first I began to suck the ortho (which drives me crazy) and the drunkard took over my cock ... between the two pulled me There will be woken up groans that pigeons are in the square. Ugh! to remember I get to the bottom again! issue between the two led me to the greatest pleasure and ends with dirty long streams throughout the hotel where we were ... the last thing I saw was that it was the first fucking at drunk before I leave. to reach a new straw house made me calm, pleasure and arousal were still in me.

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Tyler S: School/july 4th

Hey guys, or anyone who reads this. (my loyal fans, you know who you are). I have been going back and forth with work and school and working on this site as well to try to please y'all. School has been good and of course has its ups and downs. I really just want it to be over but of course I have to just bare down and get it done. Only 3-4 years left. Then I can finally start my actual career, since it has been put on hold for a while now. Other than school I don't think there is anything else new that is going on in the beautiful life of Tyler ( my life really isn't all that special unfortunately) It is the day before independence day and I hope that anyone who sees me on later tonight has a good time in my room, and if you don't get to this until later, I hope you all have a great 4th of july. Be safe and please don't blow any of your fingers off. specially the most important of your limbs ;) Also don't drink and drive and make smart decisions. Don't do anything I wouldn't do.

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Christian Peirce: Webcamming

you know I got into this because im broke right now, but I really just fucking love to jack off. I love the thought of people loving to look at my cock. More people tell me they wish they could suck me, and dude I wish all of you could suck my dick too! No but really I do love doing this. Sometimes it sucks because its slow and I'm new and don't know much at all but i'm learning and intend to be up there very quick. I don't have much right now but if I make good money, I intend to get an hd camera, more toys, whatever I see that my clientele wants from me. I got a dildo because I know someone will want me to use it, Im not comfortable with the whole thought of a dildo but I mean guys have a prostate so im sure itll feel a little good ha. If you guys wanna know more about me find me on twitter: peircexxx or message me on here let me know im always open to do anything! Im seeing a lot of people are into fetishes n dude I got an open mind tell me ur fetish and ill tell you a price

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Lucas Bryant: Not Enough Time

You know how they say "Not enough time in a day." Well, ain't that the truth!! I am loving being on cam and chatting with all of you, it's all I want to do all day. Unfortunately, I do have another full time job, and we all have to sleep sometime right?! I hope every keeps that in mind when certain things arise. I felt so bad yesterday because I had a planned private show with a fantastic person which I was really excited for, and of course when I got up and was getting ready to get online, I had a call from work telling me I needed to be in early. Go figure! So please forgive us if every now and again something comes up and we have to change plans, we try not to, but there's just not enough time in a day! Luckily my buddy was understanding and we got to postpone, but I'm sure that it can be frustrating and some people can't help but to get mad. Remember we love you :] without our awesome fans and customers, this place wouldn't be. Thank you to all those who forgive us when something doesn't go our way! Until next time, stay sexy ;]-Lucas

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Robert Smiley: Thanks!

Hey guys. This is my first blog write and i want to thank all our dear customers and friends who have enjoyed together with me in my beautiful show. I also want to say that I was pleasantly surprised by the of individual customers who have awakened in me wonderful feelings and faith in that there are still good people on this planet who know what they want and the price of true value.Thank you all once more from the heart,Robert

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