Vince Hart: Thank You

Hey guys wanted to chime in to really express my gratitude for the warm welcome back I got yesterday! I had my biggest night yet thanks to your support, and I could not thank you enough . I will be back on everyday from now on to make you cum over and over again! I hope that everyone who came in to check out a show enjoyed it to the fullest! My dick was so fucking hard, and when I finally blew my load if you saw then you know it was a massive one! Great news! My dick and balls are restocked and waiting for a hard dude or two or three or more to cum with me! Great thing is I can finally do group shows again and soon I will be able to do parties to please everyone! Today is labor day treat yourself to one of the most hung dudes on this great site! Always remember to say hello and I will see you soon! Remember there are great deals all weekend long take advantage of those deals to come and spend some time with me one on one it is the best opportunity to get the most bang for your buck!Yours always

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Cooper Reed: My First Day on Flirt4free

I had the time of my life! I want to thank each and every one of the guys who stopped by my room last night to say hi. I loved the conversation and especially our private sessions. Hot!I wasn't sure what to expect, but I was surprised to see how quickly I became attached to the guys who visited. I am already thinking about you in my off hours and I am wondering when we will see each other again. I am not sure if it's okay to name names on a public blog, but I am sure you guys know who you are.I have already learned a lot on my first day, so I am looking to make our experiences even better than before. Today, I am going to buy a new webcam, and work on improving the lighting. Also, many of you guys requested specific kinds of clothing, and I will be working on building a wardrobe to help meet you needs. You guys are awesome, so I want to make your fantasies a reality.If any of you have any special requests please send me a message. I want to be ready to fulfill your needs when they arise. I am still contemplating a schedule, but as of today, I don't have any set hours. As soon as a schedule develops, I will email my closest friends. I will be on for at least a couple hours sometime today. I hope to see you then!--Cooper

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Nick Pierce: Hot Weekend

Really hot out this weekend, which makes for a perfect labor day weekend! Been enjoying it so much so far, went to the beach and laid about for a bit, Really don't want this weekend to end, classes are going to be insane this semester, betting on a ton of work, but I will certainly manage it! And you know what i'm really looking forward to fall and winter. I love Halloween it's in one of my favorite months. I love going to all the haunted attractions that spring up, it's always a great time! And then I just love the happy atmosphere of winter. Everyone enjoying themselves, the cold making perfect excuses to get close to people ;) and then going straight into party time with New Years! This will be my first New Year I will be 21. I'm so stoked, I can't wait. This year is going to be awesome! There's so much I want to do and so little time to do it. I'm already planning in my head for next summer, even though it hasn't been over a month haha. I need to stay focus on school and not be thinking about partying it up all year, but hey you just got to enjoy life and live it to its fullest right? I'm sure I will manage all my time properly

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Austin Heart: I Like Doing Stripteases

Okay, so I had a great time the other night. It started with a lot more clothes than I am used too when I think about my horny memories but now I think my mind might be changing! I had a request to do a striptease. Okay, sure, I love getting sexy and having people watch me get sexy, obviously since I am a webcamer but this one was a little different. The request came with the desire for me to wear AS MANY LAYERS as possible! My thoughts exactly. How is that going to be sexy and how am I not going to pass out from wearing all those clothes. But being me, I don't like to disappoint, I took the challenge. I started with 4 layers, three different outfits (all on at once), A P-Coat, tight, briefs & socks/shoes! Yeah, a lot to get off and make it sexy somehow! Well apparently I did because mid way through my lover said they had already orgasmed and I wasn't even nude yet! "Must be doing something right"! So that turned me on so much that my dick immediately got ROCK HARD and I was bulging through what was left on. So, as to not give my lovers secret parts away, the rest of the show became one of the most EROTIC experiences of my life! When I was finally nude and playing with my balls and cock and hole I almost forgot I was even still being watched! YOU KNOW I WAS TURNED ON! So, I say, thank you to my LOVER & PERV for making such a weird and turned out to be orgasmic request! SOOOOOOO.... what's YOUR KINKY REQUEST???? *MWAH* *KISSES&LICKS*

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James Romeo: My Intro

Hey guys so Romeo James here just introducing myself. I am a former BSB Model(Broke straight Boys). So i love to do a lot of outdoor activities like, hiking, river rafting, and biking. I love to make people laugh and am also a little goofy sometimes. I am totally a personable person. Im an open book.

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Jason David: Jason David Fan Club Online!

Welcome to my Fan Club!Members get a 5% discount on my Shows and VODs, plus I can give you free Members Only Shows and you'll show up in my room in my special fan font color to make sure you receive priority treatment during the chats. If you join now, you'll immediately get access to all exclusive benefits of the membership.My Fan Club is available for all of my biggest fans and customers. Inside you can access photos, videos, video diaries, blogs, and other content that I've made for only my Fans. By being a member of a my club, you'll get the most personal look into my life, more access to get to interact with me and all the perks of being my special fan.Perks of Joining My Fan Club:- 5% discount on all shows with me- 5% discount on all of my VODs- Access to exclusive Fan Club member content- Show up in a special color when you're in my chat room that I've picked just for my fans!- Be able to write on my wall for private conversations with me and my other fans- PLUS: Priority treatment during chatsSign-up today and receive 50% OFF membership. (copy-paste into your browser)(Regular price 700 credits per month)

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Davie Boi: Size Matters?

So they say size doesn't matter. But to be quite honest i find nothing more sexy. When an older man releases him huge phat veiny cock. My arse instantly loosen for what I'm about to embark on..... Pleasure pleasure pleasure. Which remind me of a recent encounter, and for i nearly ran for the door, the 6.5ft stallion mmmmmmmmm.We first met with me dancing on the speakers of a uptown Gay Club. I noticed this sexy dare i say wig looking fella strut up to me. " Hey Lil thing, wanna grab a drink?" Hesitant to answer him being gob smacked by his ear to ear smile. He swept he off that speaker in one foul swoop.And said "your arse is mine now"So turned on i skulled my drink and grabbed him by his huge huge cock and we made a move to the door.Taxi heavy make out when me almost straddling cock, we got his place. He open the door.. Threw me over one shoulder and swung me on his king size bed."Don't you move he says" He ducks away comes back...WTF my goodness, i could barely fit this guy knob in my mouth let alone my arse.He took him time eating my are and stretching my hole with his manly fingers. and slowly drove it home.Before i know it i was riding him like i had never rode before.So yes size i feel matters mentally i knew then hung fucker was deep in my hole...FUCKING SEXY!!!!!!!Then you realise this hung mother fucker just has to thrust it in once.....before you are trying to hold back you explosion of liquid gold.Don't get me wrong less endowed can be just as nice just have to pull out the gymnastic skills a lil.Cocks a cock and i love em all..Stay tuned.. Keep checking out my blog..Davie Boi

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Max Scott: Long Day

So today I slept in after an exhausting work schedule yesterday, stayed up till 4am and was almost dead so I decided to sleep till after 2pm lol. Was it worth it? Yes and no, on the one hand I got my sleeping pattern into one that suits the stage but on the other hand, the time made no difference all my credits practically came from one customer. None the less I at least got some nice chats in, which adds as a bonus but my room was also quiet for a large part of the time... To the people in my room I always say, please chat, it makes me have an enjoyable time and caters to my love of speaking to people! I have to say I am thankful to a few users who do chat but when they are online I do sometimes get a bit down... I know some models don't like to chat but I am certainly not one of them and I find those who do chat find it extremely rewarding. As for the rest of the day, I was pretty much too lazy to get out of bed so stayed in and watched lots of series before a hectic session at the gym. Well thanks for reading and hope to see you guys soon

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Alan Dooro: 15% :d

Hello my boys and daddys? :) How u doin'?I wanna tell you that today I reached 15% again... just a lil more to reach 10% :) I'm striving to being a better performer for you everyday!now I'm trying to learn auto-felatio or self suck... I know I need more flexibility to do that! But I'm practicing so I hope I can do it soon for you... Other thing that I can do its buy another dildo ... So I could do double penetration :) hope u like that! because I really enjoy it!Hello my boys and daddys? :) How u coin'?I wanna tell you that today I reached 15% again... just a lil more to reach 10% :) I'm striving to being a better performer for you everyday!now I'm trying to learn auto-felatio or self suck... I know I need more flexibility to do that! But I'm practicing so I hope I can do it soon for you... Other thing that I can do its buy another dildo ... So I could do double penetration :) hope u like that! because I really enjoy it! luv udon't forget to visit my VODs: hot daily pix in my twitter: Do Oro

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Stephon Stallion: Tgif!!!

hey Guys!I hope everybody is having an awesome friday and weekend! If your online at all this weekend stop in my room and say hello :)follow me now on my new twitter account @StephonStallon and I'll follow you back!I hope to see you tonight :)I LIKE: cumshots, roleplaying, phone in pvt, and just about anything else you can think of!If you havent already checked out the new fan clubs! please do they are really neat and have many benefits such as 5% off vods and pvt shows with the model youve joined the club with.nnmy personel page there will be tons of exclusive member only photos and hot hot videos, and one special cumshow so dont delay and sign up today !www.StephonStallion.comalso do not forget the wishlist and check out the hot items i have up that we could have some fun with!I am here to offer you anything that you are into, if it isn't listed in my likes, be sure to tell me and we can make it happen for you the way you want it!!!!!As always email me anytime you please to just chat or setup a personel 1-1 session of your choice, I am free most of the time and can accomadate just about anything!Thanks guys! & Hope to see you soon.Stephon xoxoxo

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