Samuel Carter: Weekend

Hey boys, Just wanted to write a lil bit here. I apologize for not being on at all this weekend. It was a long and good one. I am new to my town, and this was the first weekend where I was able to let loose and party a lil bit, meeting a lot of new people. Friday night was a nice dinner and movie night, Saturday was a jockstrap birthday party and bear contest at a local bar, and last night was just a really good, relaxing night in. The jockstrap party was probably one of the highlights of the weekend because, well, I like taking my clothes off, and it was an acceptable to time to be around a bunch of people in a state of undress. Unfortunately for the birthday boy, it was supposed to turn into some group fun later in the evening after the bear contest, but a leather bar was having its grand re-opening in town, so that kinda took the spotlight away from the second part of the party. I'll try to be on more, and as much as possible in subsequent weeks and hopefully get to meet many of you and have some fun at the same time.Much love, Sam

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Stephon Stallion: Me So Horny!

Hey Guys!....Wow did i wake up horny this AM! and it has been constant since....I decided to get online pretty early again today so if your not busy and wanna chat come on in my room!!!!!follow me now on my new twitter account @StephonStallon and I'll follow you back!I hope to see you tonight :)I LIKE: cumshots, roleplaying, phone in pvt, and just about anything else you can think of!If you havent already checked out the new fan clubs! please do they are really neat and have many benefits such as 5% off vods and pvt shows with the model youve joined the club with.nnmy personel page there will be tons of exclusive member only photos and hot hot videos, and one special cumshow so dont delay and sign up today !www.StephonStallion.comalso do not forget the wishlist and check out the hot items i have up that we could have some fun with!I am here to offer you anything that you are into, if it isn't listed in my likes, be sure to tell me and we can make it happen for you the way you want it!!!!!As always email me anytime you please to just chat or setup a personel 1-1 session of your choice, I am free most of the time and can accomadate just about anything!Thanks guys! & Hope to see you soon.Stephon xoxoxo

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Max & Brendon: Busy As Usual

Welcome to day two of our blog. So today we decided to work earlier and are hoping we will see some of our regulars. Hope it has been going well with you guys? We had so much trouble trying to wake up today, let's face it we are sleepy heads that's just what we are, and waking up at 3am our time to get you guys at your time isn't as easy as one might think! But we do it anyway for the love of our fans. We are having a lovely cold front bringing some relief from the hot weather we have had lately. You know how it goes when it gets warm all you want is cold and as soon as that comes it's the other way around. We have been watching A Young Doctors notebook as of late, and what fun that it. Sadly each season is only 4 short episodes so we finished that way too fast. Lucky for us this world has series in abundance and along with American dad starting all our favourites will be coming back soon which means plenty of fun ahead for us. Well that's enough of our rambling for now, hope you guys enjoy reading a nip of our lives. Lots of love Max and Brendon

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Manny Fresh: Back

WOW its been many years since ive been back on here. I dont know where to start lol. I do enjoy the clients that i have been getting and enjoy the many different ideas that they have given me. I like to try new things and would do almost anything for my clients, I dont know what my limit is on what i wouldnt do but i dont think ive found someone that had asked something that i wouldnt do lol.I hope my clients have a good experience when they come see me and i hope they continue to come back for more and more because there is always more i can give my clients.With that said i hope everyone has a good day and that they enjoy coming to my room and continue to give me feedback and input on how to make the experience more exciting and different than other models.Dont be shy or embarrassed to ask me anything or want to see me do something you have not seen before.I really enjoy working here and will continue to do so, hopefully for a long time.... as long as my body stays sexy and I try to do everything i can to an extent to keep it the way it is. People like to say I have a monster cock and like to watch me do an array of different things with it.Hope everyone has a good day.

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Parker Cole: Fall is Here! Time for Sexy Sweata Weatha

So sweater weather is here in New York City (or so it seems).... or as the locals call it sweata weatha. As much as I love to be naked or laying around in my underwear, I also love to wear layers. I think it is sexy to see a dude in tight jeans and a few layers. Tight sweaters are really one of my favorite things. When you can see a guys nice chest showing through his tight sweater and his big bulge through his tight jeans, I almost get hard right there in public.I also love winter, because it means a more active swim season. I think everyone knows I love to swim on the local competitive team for adults. It's a great way to get a lot of exercise, but it is also a great way to check out a lot of other dudes wearing next to nothing.The new league has already started practicing, and there are some ass dudes on my team. I hope that none of them are as fast as I am, because I like to be the stand out... but each year the guys get younger (or I get older really) and they seem to get faster than me.So anyway, sweata weatha and swim practice are my two favorite things about fall/ winter. What are yours?

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Ajay Velasquez: Hello

What's up guys?Hoping well, i make a new haircut i love to hear your opinion i my room tonight , of course some tips and boost points help me a loot for growing in page i really need your support , many kisses and love from here.Ajay.

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Jake Porter & Dax Cohen: Weeend is Almost Here!

Hey everyone! If you are anything like us, you can't wait for the weekend to arrive! After a long week of trying to fit in work, family and various responsibilities, we really look forward to our weekends. It's a chance for us to relax and to blow off some steam. This summer, a typical weekend for us might have included going to a party, lounging around on the river, going to a club, or just hanging out with friends. As California boys, we consider ourselves pretty luck that we have so many options. Of course, we always manage to work in a little one on one time as well. If fact, sometimes it's more than just one on one! ;-) It's all about just letting go and seeing where the weekend takes us. That way we are always ready for the week ahead. So here's what we want to know: What do you like to do on the weekend? What do your typical weekend involve. Do you like to spend it alone, unwinding and decompressing from your week? Or do you like to share your weekend with as many people as possible? Let us know, because we love to hear from you. As for us, this may be a weekend to just crawl into bed together on Friday night and not emerge until Monday morning. Whatever you end up doing, we hope you enjoy it. We are certainly going to. And the anticipation is the best part!

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Jake Pounder: Another Beutifull Day

I love waking up in the morning and saying hi to all of my friends. every time i log on im greeted by tons of wonderful people that make me feel at home and happy. I am beginning to build real friendships on this site and i feel so lucky. This has been an outstanding experience from the very beginning. Once again i want to say thank you to all the friends ive made for making me feel welcomed and at home. I am a very lucky man to have such wonderful experiences with so many unique individuals. life is so crazy how you can go through it for years not knowing what you really want or how to get it when you do find out what it is. im here for anyone who ever needs a friend to talk to. please don't hesitate to message me or chat openly with me. I truly love you all with all my heart. I am going to be making some changes in my life soon and i will be able to communicate with everybody more often very soon.I thought it was so funny how everybody made fun of my boxers on the site so i went out and got some tight undies today lol

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Alan Dooro: Move or Not?

Hello everyone! how you been? :) hope all you are ok. I'm ok I think... Horny as always that's a fact.Last days I been with my ex. He came back to my country (Argentina) for few days...I don't see him 10 months ago. We missed each other so much so we can stop being together all day. lol He wants me to move to Republica Dominicana. I don't really know if I want to move from Argentina to Republica Dominicana, its such a big change... Caribbean sounds good. But I still love my own country.I don't have a lot of things here in my country but I still want to gro up here. I feel comfortable and safe being here. I'm ok being webcamer here in Argentina but I don't really know if I can afford a rent and all that kind of things living in other part of the world.And... you know. Its crazy just to reunited with your ex one year ago from our broke up and move with him to other country. pretty crazy I think. but well.. we will see.don't forget to visit my links hot daily recorded shows (VODs): hot daily pix in my twitter: Do Oro

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Don Diesel: What Turns Me on the Most

This may a shocker to a lot but it's what gets me .. Number one thing I'm attracted to is a dancer , one that's great at dancing and had the Body of a dancer, I grew up in Oregon so a white city or coutry girl is of course what I'm attracted to , but a thick athletic girl with a freaky attitude omg , I'm sold. I love shy people, I'm shy myself , very . But far far far from that in the bedroom. A hole nother person.. So if your beautiful, and can handle my body :) you should totally contact me., breast size doesn't matter , sexual oritation doesn't matter either . I live sex. I'mGreat at it. And I only have it with myself till I find the perfect fuck partner .. ;) but it's ok.. U can watch :D

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