Nick Bigrig: My Twitter

My twitter page is now nick_bigrig007Im ready to wow you guys with my excellent vibe you get when you enter my page , im ready to put in work, just like I do in my regular life with my Martial arts and my fighting. I keep a heavy pace on people most cant handle. things are just growing and getting started for me so its only Upp! from here

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Danny Alpha: Wow – My First Day Was Fun!!

Hey guys, I'm excited to have finished my first couple of shows yesterday. I'm brand new to this site but have been camming for fun for years and years and you guys on F4F are awesome!! Looking forward to many more shows and hopefully reaching my goal ASAP so I can buy a plane ticket home and make it to my brother's wedding in August.:-)

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James Murrey: Player 2 Just Entered the Game!

As you may see I am on F4F for over two years, but I started just a few days ago actually. I am ready or I just feel like that and I can already see that I am going to make a lot of friends and why not more then friends...a family. You don't know me for now, but you will be amazed to find out what about my knowledge in psychology and much more. Until then stay close. Kisses!! :D

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Marquese Black: Thoughts on a Transgender Woman

So lately, my partner and I have been thinking about including a TG woman in our sex life. This turns me on greatly, as I am somewhat attracted to penis, though not the male sex itself. I thought it would be fairly easy to find a woman willing to do this...Turns out, most TG women do not like to have threesomes with women. I found this surprising! I have watched so much porn online with group play i thought it was normal. We are not giving up though! I plan to visit a local club that is known to lean more towards the LGBTQ community.Hopefully we can find a beautiful woman there who won't mind sharing her body. Wish Us Luck! :)

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Dominic Hart & James Hartman: It's a Holiday of Our Very Own Today!!

Today is a special day for Dominic and I. We've started our morning extra early, and already went on a morning walk in our beautiful city, had a yummy breakfast, and stopped for coffee before we headed home....where we're about to get extremely naked and possibly turn the cam on so our fans and friends can enjoy some of this day with us...and with any luck, a few of you gorgeous guys will take us into a private show and just sit back and watch us flip each over and take our time on each others butts til we just can't contain ourselves and fill each other with these massive loads that have been edging up for days...Yeah. This is gonna be one of those days...

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Brent Tanner: Totally into the Vibe

I'm feeling day by day more comfortable here. Is so much pleasure the moment I come here to talk to my fans! Hope you are enjoying more and more, and also hope I'm making a great show. This twink is all yours, babe!

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Jock Knight: Transition

I am in a transition and am looking for some "out of the box" ways to bring in some cash. I love to show off and want to make you men happy. Help me in this transition by tipping generously. I would be most appreciative studs.

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Ryan Reece: Hump Day Discount

Hey guys and girls. Just letting you know about the contest today. Would love to be in the running but need your help. This is a random draw contest. Any model who earns 5,000 credits qualifies for the random draw and can win.Come on, send me some good luck ;)

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Cole Baker: Hey Everyone!

I hope you all are doing well! I just wanted to take a moment and let you all know some new things that have been happening. I am still trying to get my "wonderful" computer fixed. I did get a new webcam which broadcasts in HD 1080P! And you know what that means, better time for you! Anyways-I have been away from the job for a while, and I know a lot of you are wondering why. I have had a lot of stuff come up in the past few months that have taken time away from work and school. But that is all in the past now. I am back and ready for action!Hope to see all my regulars and cannot wait to meet new people!!Love you all!!!

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Jim Pierce: Hi, Everybody!

So, as most of you have probably noticed by now, I'm pretty new here. That said, I'm having a GREAT time meeting new friends, new fans and new people. A few quick facts about myself:My name is JimmyI'm part athlete, part artist, part bad boy. I love getting to know people, and I even love showing off a bit for them. Come say hello, get to know me! I'd be willing to bet you won't regret it!Until then, check out my bio, follow me on Twitter @Jim_Pierce1 and I'll see you all soon!!Jim

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