Alan Dooro: Help Me to Be Better

hello hello! how are you my boys and daddys? hope all its ok for you! Me? mm always the same...good and horny. and just don't know what to tell you today... its hard to write something different every day you know? but well here we go... today I been in the downtown ... in San Telmo. Do you Know San Telmo? Its a beautiful neighbourhood its the lovely city of Buenos Aires. it has a antique look.. the original look of this city. it is so amazing! I want to move there. I love that place and I think I could be really happy living there. but well.. I have to work hard if I want to move there... the best part of all is that its full of handsome gay tourists. I love that! moving there will be like plenty fun all day long and night. and If some of you want to visit me, you will be able to stay with me :) yeah. also I'm a rent boi so u can hire me anytime you want if you get in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I'll be pleased to meet you don't forget to visit my links :) hot daily recorded shows (VODs): hot daily pix in my twitter: Do Oro

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Max & Brendon: Constuction

So Max has been out of town for almost a week, this has been difficult since we are practically tied by the side. He has been having with all his friends and family while I have been catching up on my studies. Thus far I am not doing well at that and I have to do it before he gets back since I tend to be super lazy and cuddly when he is here. I am super excited to see my boy again on Friday; just two more sleeps to go till I am back with my adorable boy. In the mean time I was on a construction site today which was quite epic and I learned a lot from it. We had to go to a construction site for an industrial project to do a risk assessment. I got a little sunburnt and was not super excited to go but really did have a blast doing it. It was different from what we expected, most construction sites tend to break lots of safety regulations but this one had a health and safety occupation officer on the grounds that was super strict. So much so that we didn't realise we needed hardhats which was ironic because we were there to check if the construction workers were doing it. Luckily the site manager had a few extra and we got to enter the site. All in all both of us have had a productive week and we will be back online to see you guys on Friday

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Nick Pierce: Busy Busy

Busy busy. College has been extremely hectic this month. just a bunch of projects and tests all went and piled up at once, It's unfortunately left me little time to perform this month. Total bummer, feel bad about it guys, but I promise I'll be able to get on this Thursday night! My last test for a bit is finished Thursday, leaving me with a bit more free time to get back to a regular performing schedule. Didn't even get a chance to perform on my birthday weekend! total bummer, I was looking forward to that and having a lot of fun with you guys. Oh well, will just have to make up for it later. ;) Speaking of all my fun birthday gifts arrived! Got a kinky book on sex which is a great read. and a dildo! I've honestly been having way to much fun with that toy so far since I got it =) I can not wait to go on and play with it for you all. I'm excited just thinking about it! hehe Been enjoying it so much that I have had to tone it down a bit or risk going through my lube way too fast. Wouldn't be a good thing at all! Then I would have to put off performing with it even longer and that wouldn't do at all! Anyway, can't wait to perform for you all again and get back into things. Looking forward to it :)

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Ash Lee: Accident at Work!

Well hello you sexy mother fuckers, how are we all today? I thought I would share my recent accident at work with you. It all started when I arrived at work as usual. I started doing my daily jobs and task as asked.|It got later in the day and I went on my half an hour break. I had cheese and bacon pasta with a double chocolate yogurt to wash it down with an ice cold apple juice. I went back out to finish my tasks, when my manager asked me and my mate who is absolutely gorgeous, he is a hunk to go in the freezer and check off sale. As were looking around the icey cold freezer for the items we needed I climbed upon a pallet and was looking at the back in which i couldn't find the chips I wanted as I was trying to get down my mate put his arm out to help me and and that's when the accident happened my arm got caught in the cage, ouchhhhhhhh the pain that hit my arm. I had to laugh it off as if it was nothing but the pain got worse. I carried on working with one arm but couldn't for much longer and got send home.I shoud of gone a&e but I didn't but when I woke my arm was throbbing so I went to a&e where I met a hunky doctor he touched my arm and I murmed like a bitch as he touched my arm. I had 4 xrays to find out it was soft tissue damage. well there you go guys and girls how silly was I .

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Billie Ryder: Hustle and School

Life is a hustle for cute little femboys like me. Yes, I have a more dominant personality, but I enjoy the finer things in life and don't expect things to just be handed to me without a little bit of work. That's why I've really been trying to take a 360 degree magic turnaround in my life with my work ethic.I know it sounds boring, at first thought, but trust me, it is SEXY. There's nothing as sexy in the world as money. Maybe my ass, but then again, I can get ass implants with money. I can get a gym membership and health supplements with money. That makes money necessary for things to be sexy in the most beautiful, seemingly effortless but artistic way.I don't consider myself normal by any means. Obviously, I'm a sexy sissy boy from the Dirty South trying to make it big in my life with all my endeavors. But, I'm trying to get it how I live it. My body is beautiful and I'd love to share it with men, but only once the sexiness of the comfortable life that I'm building for myself sets in. Then, all my faithful viewers, maybe I'll start sleeping with men and women and sharing my girlfriend and letting sexy men share my holes on my voluptuous body, but until then, I have to have my fun on here, with you :)

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Mario Ladolce: Here It Goes!

Hey there studs, and greetings. I am the one and only Marvelous Mario LaDolce and I have come with great news. I am ready to rock you, and give you everything you want and need. Dont you just want to fold my tiny little body up, im just a twinkie little dude, but i love to get dominated and spanked and made to be a really hot dude for you. Why dont you take the chance and cum find me when I am making my debut tonight. the buttlerflies in my tummy make me wanna cum already but i have to contain and maintain myself for what good things to come. my friends all told me i would be a hot addition here and so without any regrets im debuting tonight. i thought about it for awhile and it messed with my cock spasm but other than that i am totally fine and content and ready for whatever comes my way. you see i am doing this because im hungry for cock and want my twink ass up on a plate for you to eat me out and fuck me doggy style. does that turn you on? Then I am the right guy for you!

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Chad Ray: 1. Week + Halloween!

Hey guys! So this tuesday marks my first week on this site! So far, it's been really great and I'm incredibly happy that I have gotten a nice amount of friends and customers on here. It's been a little difficult though, seeing more "attractive" guys get much more attention than me. But I guess that's just what the customers here are more interested in, and it's only my first week so that's probably something that counts too. Just makes me feel a bit insecure and self-concious. :)But yeah as I said I'm very glad you guys are interested in me, and I hope to see you more and have even more fun with you!And so halloween is slowly coming up. I figured I'd try to do something fun, so during shows you'll probably see some halloween decorations hanging around! :D And I'll also try to get some halloween costumes!! So far I think I'm gonna dress up as a Chippendale Bunny, but a friend of mine is actually drawing some ideas for costumes, that I'll of course post here when he's done with them! :DIf you guys have any wishes/ideas for a costume you're very welcome to chime in and tell me! :)But yeah I hope to see you guys soon xoxo

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Anthony Marks: If I Could Have Any Super Powers…..

I would love to have the powers of the Avatar to be able to control the element. I would feel so godly I could do anything and everything. Life would be truly fulfilling if I could control water, air, fire, and earth. To have these power is to be god himself lol joke joke, but seriously who wouldn't want to control the element. With air you could fly, water you could turn even salt water into fresh water, fire u could change how hot it could get or absorb it, earth u could move any size rocks and create barriers. there are many more i can't even think about right now but it's my opinion lol. if i had these abilities i could even be a worldwide hero going anywhere and everywhere helping other people probably even end up being a military weapon lol. to have these powers is to have the world in ones hand and no one could stop you. what you do with these powers? how would you use these power? could you learn to control these powers? what element would you use mostly? how intense would this feel? Right now just typing to keep up to max out this thing haha sorry if it's such a bore.

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Anthony Adonis: To My Fans

Hi, I would just like everyone to know that I will be back as soon as possible I have been extremely busy lately. But please keep a look out for my up and coming shows. Also please look for me on twitter as I will post there the times in which I will be on as well as dates I will be on @anthonydonisluv

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Austin Heart: Take It Back??

We walk into a room and there is no one else there... I had been watching you all night but it was just something I couldn't put my finger on... I was attracted to you the moment I laid eyes on you. Your not the "normal" type that catches my eye but SOMETHING! As you went around saying hello to the people you knew and I saw the gleam in your eyes and the way the little smile cut I was done! I needed you! I don't really know why but I need you! I made sure to slide to your side of the room and casually make my way over to the group you are talking to! The tone of your voice and they way you speak... everything is sending chills down my spine! What is making me feel this way? You! Just YOU! I can't take it anymore and slid over next to you and I think you look at me... it makes my cock tingle... I find my chance and whisper........... I NEED YOU SO BAD...... you respond..... I thought you would never ask........ and then.......... we walk into a room and no one else is there ;)WOULD YOU TAKE THAT ONE NIGHT STAND BACK??? *MWAH*

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